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Fun & Fast Facebook Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

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With over a billion people logging on to the login page:

It makes you wonder about some of the lesser known fun facts on Facebook.

Did you know:

Facebook actually hosts a programming competition known as the Hacker Cup?!

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In a surprising turn of events:

First place was awarded to a Google programmer of all people!

It gets better:

The Google programmer even showed up to collect his prize while wearing his Google employee badge!

Facebook is massive!

In fact, for every minute that Facebook’s services go down:

The company loses $25,000!!

Some people work all year to make as much money as Facebook does in one minute!

Believe it or not:

Facebook’s software contains twice the amount of code as that of an F-35 Fighter Jet!

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You might even say:

Operating Facebook’s software is more of a challenge than flying a private military aircraft!

Even though Facebook is massive and home to many of your ‘friends:’

A recent study revealed that people would only turn to 4 of their friends on Facebook for help!

It makes you realize how valuable true friends really are.

Here are some more fast facts on Facebook for you to enjoy right here:

Fun & Fast Facebook Facts

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