Geo Targeting-The Technology That Can Boost Online Conversions

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Geo Targeting-The Technology That Can Boost Online Conversions

With the advent of online marketing, things are getting more complex for businesses even as the opportunities get bigger. Ensuring that your website stays on top of search results is challenging enough, but you need to go the extra mile to optimize it for conversions. After all, there isn’t anything great about getting huge traffic unless a good part of the visitors converts. When it comes to conversion optimization, Geo targeting is a technology that can help you to a significant extent. Essentially, it is all about knowing the location of the visitors and aligning their user experience accordingly. Let us explain how you can use this technology to boost conversions on your website.

Speak the visitor’s language

Speaking the language of the visitor is perhaps the simplest way to make them convert. It is as easy as identifying their region or country of origin of the traffic through their IP addresses. Further, you will need to implement a language switch on your website so that they can see the content in their local language. Consider having entire online sales funnels designed in different languages if you are targeting a global customer base. Your audience would be more likely to convert if the site sounds familiar, which is best done with the language they speak and understand.

Match their currency

Another simple conversion optimization strategy is matching the currency of your visitors. Obviously, they wouldn’t want to make complex calculations for converting dollars or Euros into their local currency every time they place an order from another part of the world. The lesser work they need to do, the greater are the chances of conversion. It makes sense to know where people are landing from and present the prices in their specific currency rather than in a standard one.

Fine-tune marketing messages

With Geo-targeting technology, it is possible to run different campaigns in diverse locations. The idea of fine tuning your marketing messages and website visuals is to match them with the expectations of a specific segment and audience that you target. The technology is simpler than it sounds and you can check ip2location blog to understand how it works. You just need to use a tool that identifies the user locations through their IP addresses and test different variations of marketing messages for them. See what works and realign your campaigns accordingly.

Serve local, relevant offers

Apart from working on broader parameters like language, currency and marketing messages, you can also pick smaller details like localized offers for better conversions. Here, it becomes important to pinpoint the exact location of the visitor and entice them with a relevant offer that is available nearby. There are high chances that they would convert, considering the proximity of the offer. Apart from local offers, Geo targeting can also help you inform the customers about the new product launches in their specific areas.

Geo targeting can serve as a powerful technology when it comes to conversion optimization. Despite its complexities, the initiative is completely worthwhile because it has huge potential for driving sales with a more targeted approach.

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