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Guide To Online Blackjack

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Guide To Online Blackjack

Casino games have taken the online gambling world by storm, with blackjack being no different. Traditionally played in a casino on a half mooned shaped table with up to 7 players, the game has now gone digital. More players than ever before are choosing to log onto an online casino to try their luck, faster than you can say hit me! So whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re new to the game at, it’s worth reading our guide to online blackjack and knowing exactly what’s different.

The format of blackjack remains practically exactly the same regardless of if it’s played in real life or in the online world. At least one but possibly several decks are used with each card assigned their own individual value. The numbers 2 – 10 are assigned their standard value (so this is easy to remember). Then Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth 10. Aces however can be played at either 1 or 11, this depends entirely on the player who holds the card, unless the dealer states that it must be played high before starting. Most assume that blackjack is like other casino games in that players should aim to beat their fellow opponents at the table. However in this game, the player should actually aim to beat the dealer by having a total hand value closer to twenty-one. The player can lose in one of two ways. Either their hand value is lower, for example the dealers totals 20 whilst the players only 18. Or players get too greedy and go bust by requesting another card and their total value going over the 21 limit.

Now we have got the basics out the way, lets dive into what’s different about playing online. There’s a multitude of additional benefits, the first being how much choice players have. Land based casinos restrict people in that they may not live close or can physically get to one very easily. There are millions of online casino websites so players can browse until they settle on one that they like the look of. This leads us onto the subject of variant, where online blackjack also offers the additional benefit of players being able to check the risk of each game. Variance refers to the house edge that the casino has in each game. Traditionally players wouldn’t have been able to check these unless they carried out extensive long term research and unfortunately have been playing with awful odds without even realizing. However variance for online blackjack is easily available with a simple search engine search and a little digging. Our advice is to avoid any games that have a variance of over 1% as this is a statistically poor rate and not favor the player.

As we’ve explained, online blackjack offers much better opportunities for players to improve their odds before they even start playing. It seems silly to be stuck in old ways so we highly recommend taking advantage of these rewards and start playing some online blackjack.

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