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Hotmail’s Hottest Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

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You ever wonder what happened to www Hotmail com?

Here’s the truth:

Hotmail has since been replaced by Microsoft Outlook.

When Hotmail first came out:

People found the idea of a free webmail service so useful that it spread like wildfire!

In fact:

Hotmail grew faster than any media company in history to precede it!

Hotmail was originally founded by Sabheer Bhatia and Jack Smith in Mountain View, California.

The idea behind calling the company Hotmail is actually quite clever.

The founders ran through a series of names for the web mail service all ending with -mail.

Eventually, they decided to go with Hotmail since all the letters of HTML were contained inside the name.

Around one year after its founding:

Microsoft would go on to acquire Hotmail for the staggering figure amount of $400 million!

Think about that for a minute:

You start a company today and sell it for nearly half a billion a year later!

That’s alarmingly fast!

If anything that shows you the power of both the internet and economics.

Where there’s demand:

The money is sure to follow!

By February of 1999:

Hotmail had grown so large that it eventually became the world’s largest web mail service!

The internet had made possible what our ancestors could only dream of!

It was by July 31st, 2012 that Microsoft announced Outlook to the public.

One year later:

The company had completely replaced Hotmail with Microsoft Outlook.

Here are some more facts on Hotmail’s history for you to enjoy:

Hotmail’s Hottest Facts

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