How Animated Video Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

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How Animated Video Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Companies of all level are exploring the power of video animation into their digital marketing approaches. Facilitated by the rigorous penetration of smart phones and state-of-the-art internet, the video animation in online marketing industry will emerge even more. Hitting on the play button on an online video will provide business with increased leads, conversion, and eventually the revenues.

Besides the expanding popularity and abilities of video animation in the online marketing, various businesses lack in term of having a fantastic video in their marketing strategy. The first and foremost roadblock that many businesses face when embracing video-based marketing include the misconceptions about what it requires to develop content for video.

Businesses often fall into assumption that they can only make live-action video for advertisement, and animated videos are only for companies with big budgets. However, live-action is not the only way through which you can create engagement, and an animated video can serve best in attracting a larger customers’ base.

Though it is possible that you can deliver a message through little efforts using camera phone and person, live-action video is often limiting. You need to come up with a location for a scene, real actors or actresses to depict characters, and a huge wardrobe for clothing of the characters. Also, you will require a significant budget to achieve everything. Also, you will require time for planning of the live-action videography along with a schedule for the production and shooting. All of these are subject to external influences such as the weather conditions that can improve or negatively affect your video.

Animated videos on another hand can be developed rapidly and under a tightly controlled budget and environment. Each tool that you require for creating a robust animated video will communicate to the customers. Grabbing customers’ attention will be at your fingertip through building a fantastic animated video.

How Animate Videos Can Support the Marketing Strategy

In reality, the emergence of software has given way to the entire world of video production to almost every company. It has now become possible to build animated videos that can deliver true value to the potential customers in a fresh and engaging manner.

In addition, the animated video will leave a synergistic effect on the other online marketing approaches such as social media, SEO, email marketing, article writing, and more. An animated video will influence the overall marketing plan positively, leaving a lasting impression among the audience’s mind.

Empowering the SEO

Google Inc. owns the largest video platform YouTube. You can leverage the power of YouTube when creating a video for online marketing. Though the two words “SEO” and “Online Video” might not share any similar functional characteristic, however the second largest search engine “YouTube” focuses entirely on the videos.

According to the SEO experts, you can create the how-to, explainer, guide, review, and entertainment videos to boost the chances of your appearance on the search engines. In essence, the online video marketing can increase the SEO performance through following ways:

  • It is related to the time that a viewer spends on a website. It is also called the “dwell time”. The more a user stays on your site without navigating along; higher are the chances that the search engine ranking algorithms will prefer your site. This can be immensely facilitated through using simple navigation and seamless internal linking. Also, you can include the additional video on your site, keeping the users’ focused on your site for a longer duration of time.


  • You can also host videos on the YouTube platform and embed them into your website. Not only this will increase the opportunity of including the keywords in the video, but you will achieve 50 percent more chances to appear on the first page of the search engine.

Boost the Conversion Rate of Your Website

Among the best features of the animated videos includes how they explain a complicated concept (technology or medical) and break it down into simple and indigestible media. A large number of startups, tech companies, and SaaS projects make use of the animated videos for helping the end-users in understanding the complex theory behind a complex offering. It enables the customers to understand more about the products’ benefits.

Besides, animated videos are short in length. With reduced attention span, online-animated video can offers a great way to connect with the viewers, providing them with information the need to know. Whenever a viewer comes up with an animated video, they probably know that the content would be precise, concise, and rapid. On top, viewers know that they will be able to spend only a few seconds and discover meaningful information.

Interestingly, the leading animated video company tends to include animated videos on the homepage. It can be helpful for the potential customers, indicating that they hold an intense impact when utilized on the landing pages. They hold potential to boost conversions by up to 80 percent. However, you need to ensure that you have an encaptivating Call-to-Action (CTA) that notifies the viewers about what they should do at starting and end of the video.


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