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How COVID’19 has promoted more app development

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How COVID’19 has promoted more app development

Every business goes through its ups and downs throughout the year. Some months you will be soaring high in the skies of success and during others, you will find yourself struggling to manage the minimum revenue. This is pretty much how businesses all over the globe work.

However, the year 2020 has been majorly different than our regular past years. It dawned on the start of a new decade and since then the most shocking things have been happening. Australian Bush Fire, Locust swarms in East Africa and South Asia, and the worst outbreak of Corona pandemic are few to mention.

This pandemic has affected every business owner, small or not all over the world. Social distancing and self –isolation mean no one is able to go out and do anything. From filling at gas stations to eating out, everything is halted like someone has pressed the pause button for life on earth.

The threat of the coronavirus has forced businesses and consumers alike to go online. From groceries to meds to consultations to education, the life we are accustomed to now exists on the internet at least for the time being until this epidemic has passed.

This is given rise to the app and web development as more and more ventures are introducing their apps. Not only the private sector is investing in web development but several governments have also launched proper websites and apps to keep their people updated. while many people have only invested in various logo designing services and have changed their logos in support of the people against this brutal pandemic.

Sales And Marketing

As we all know these two departments are always looking for more opportunities to lure the consumers. During these difficult times, they have to show compassion and empathy more than ever. This can only be done through regular communication.

Communicating can become a little troublesome since there can be no meetings. Apart from meeting personally, these teams have to keep their other communication channels open.

Many developers have already been assigned to work on websites and apps that can keep the sales team connected to the consumers 24/7 without any interruption. Every customer and every client has a right to know how the company they are dealing with is planning to continue the required levels of efficiency.

Government Tracking Apps

China is the first country that was hit by this severe virus and it became the starting point of the global crises. The country witnessed a massive death toll and its economy was affected badly.

It is also the first country to launch a corona-tracking app for its citizens. This leaf has been taken out by Russia from China’s book now. Russia is also scheming to launch such an app.

Developing this kind of app is a test for developers but it can help a lot. This app will work as a tracker to keep an eye on the people tested positive for the virus. This will make sure that the patients are abiding by the law and are maintaining isolation. The UK and Germany may also launch a tracking app for a similar purpose soon.

Online Grocery Shopping Seems Like The Only Way For Many

Almost the entire world is facing a strict lockdown as we are discussing. One thing that we all know and understand well is that even if there is a lockdown, even when people are maintaining social distancing, even when the public is in self-quarantine, the need for basic items does not end.

Grocery items are on the top priority because no one can stay hungry or unclean for that matter. The need for buying basic items is undeniable if we want to stay alive. This is why even the ones who have not been a fan of online shopping are ordering stuff at their doorsteps.

Online grocery shopping minimizes the human-to-human contact that is also a priority during this pandemic. This upsurge in online buying resulted in more work for app developers.

Many stores already have their websites and apps where it was possible for customers to place an order but many did not. The hardcore brick and mortar stores are also forced to introduce online services and for that, they had to update or built a new website and apps.

Smartphone Deliveries

Supply-chain issues are on the rise as days are passing and the number of people in quarantine is increasing. People are more concerned about necessities than investing in the new phone. Cost cutting is a major concern in almost all households right now. This avoidance of buying a new phone is not going well for phone companies for obvious reasons.

It is not long that these companies will start launching exclusive apps model wise. It would mean that people who have the newest cell phone models would be able to access those apps. Most probably, the initial apps will be related to the coronavirus because of its highest selling point right now.

There have been no reports yet to confirm any of this but the theory is here and how long would it take to reach the phone companies? It is all just a matter of time. This will definitely increase the business for app development agencies because the stakes will be high but on the other hand, it may raise questions on the morality of smartphone companies. This goes against empathy and compassion.

The Epidemic Has Given Birth To Innovative Ideas

This may seem absurd but many innovative and genius ideas have been circulating amid all the chaos of the pandemic. Many companies are experimenting with drones, robots, and automation. This will decrease human contact significantly and there will be a need for special apps to manage the tech.

Take Away

This pandemic may be bad for many businesses but the smarter ones are not going to be affected as much. The global spread of the virus has promoted more web and app development and this fact is undeniable. Still, we want all this to end soon so we can go back to normalcy and the life we knew.



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