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How IoT is Going To Drive The Future Of Mobile App Development

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IoT importance in mobile app development

Internet of things (IoT) is the stepping stone of the next industrial revolution. It virtually connects the things either machine to machine (M2M) or a machine to people over the internet. As the applications of IoT are emerging in every vertical of industries and businesses, its technological advancements give rise to the competitive edge for mobile application development. Being a technology, it can incorporate with other technologies such as mobile, cloud computing, and data analytics.

Furthermore, it is predicted that IoT is going to double its market share by 2021 and by 2025 it will usher a riveting revolution in the entire economy.

IoT + mobile apps = smart and quality life

IoT importance in mobile app development:

Let us glance at the IoT ecosystem from smart gadgets to communication technologies and how its applications are used in the market and industries. To keep up with the business demands for mobile applications, it is mandatory to understand the IoT importance in mobile app development. With IoT, innovations and business outcomes are achievable.

As IoT is the interconnecting of the things, where there is a virtual connection between two things, there will be a need for IoT mobile app development.

#1: Smart city IoT mobile apps

The government departments now developing smart city mobile applications by associating with an IoT software development company to connect the smart cities.

The smart city development comprises

  • Smart Infrastructure – Automates the Infrastructure (smart lighting, connected streets, connected transportation, etc.) management
  • Smart Grids – Apps built for managing the energy and its utility
  • Smart Parking – Automate the management of the parking system
  • Smart Sustainability – Water and waste management
  • Smart Transportation – Automate the management of foot and vehicle traffic

Moreover, Smart Business, Smart Security, Smart Animal Farming, Smart charging stations, Smart mobility, Domestic and Home Automation, Smart Agriculture,  etc.

IoT mobile apps pave a way to manage the city with its smart solutions.

#2: Enterprise Applications

You can design mobile applications for all enterprise applications that connect the people, products, assets, fleets, markets, infrastructures with the help of an IoT app development company.

#3: For Business
  • Transportation:

With the advent of GPS enabled IoT mobile applications, it has become easy to track the location of goods or products on the way and calculate the accurate distance.

  • Infrastructure maintenance:

The IoT application has the power to predict the failures if any in the products and it alert to safeguard the equipment.

  • Traffic management:

IoT apps can monitor the real-time foot traffic and based on that mobile app users can schedule the transportation. It can also help to manage the traffic at the showrooms, stores, shopping malls with real-time data.

These are a few to say and there are many other business applications out there where IoT mobile app plays a key role.

#4: Industrial Automation

Apps can be built for Retail and logistics, Supply chain management, Aerospace, Aviation, health care, telecommunications, energy, and defense.

Furthermore, mobile applications are needed for data management, data visualization, and data sharing, etc. where data-driven is the key feature of IoT.

What not there where the IoT mobile app can’t be implemented!

The list is endless.

What are the benefits an IoT mobile apps bring:

  • Enhanced customer experience

A robust IoT application gives more personalized services and hence improves the UX.

  • Virtual communication between machines

IoT connects the things and the mobile application improves the communication between two entities or machine to machine (M2M) or even machine to people.

  • Automation

Automation is the core aim of mobile apps, so it simplifies the mundane tasks in daily life.

  • controls and monitors

IoT mobile applications can control and monitor the systems’ functionality and working condition. It alerts when there is any irregularity in the operations.

  • Enhanced security

As IoT is the interconnecting of many systems, it is more prone to security issues. Apps help the way to provide impeccable security with coding and by encrypting the data.

  • Time and money saver

Apps save the time needed to perform a task through automation and it also saves the unwanted hefty sums in business management.

  • Cost-effective

All IoT mobile applications can be developed and maintained at low-cost.

  • Data Management

A business involves in a large chunk of the data and it can be managed hassle-free with this single interface.

  • Simplify business processes

A business is a large network of many projects and management. So, all the business flow and processes can be simplified with this smart solution of the mobile application.

  • Improved productivity and quality of life

Last but not least, automation helps to save time and money. Hence it improves the productivity and efficiency of an organization or a company. Moreover, it improves the quality of our lives.


The IoT importance in mobile app development has reached every nook and corner from small scale industries to large scale industries. As IoT applications are numerous, you can build IoT apps for niche businesses too. Designing an IoT application is like killing two birds with one shot since it not only increases your business ROI but also gives rise for economic development.

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