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How much should you spend on a web Hosting

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If you want to start a website, then first you are required to know about web hosting, or you must be having an idea about it. The thing to consider here is it doesn’t have to charge the destiny. But, the thing that is required to charge is the request for this question that, how, much should you pays for this purpose.


In web hosting there are two options that can be offered, 1st one is free web hosting and the 2nd one is self-hosting, both with their advantages and disadvantages are described below:

1.     Free Web Hosting

It offers the free hosting by means of a limited version of upgrades provided to one for managing the content, for instance, software like Joomla.com, Blogger.com and, many others.


  • Don’t require maintenance, cost
  • Sub-domain is also provided for free
  • Most of them are easy to use


  • Relies on the user conformity, you cannot possess your blog, that gives a clear idea of getting suspended it at any time.
  • Less control on your site, that cause limited earning.
  • Domain will not be yours
  • Storage space will be restricted, for instance, bandwidth, and speed will be limited.

2.     Self-Web Hosting

In this process, you can host your website on your own and can get this service by paying to the third party, for the purpose of storing the website files on their servers.


  • You are the owner of your website and now you have all the control, and you must be having the website code of yours.
  • Now you are free to monitor your blogs anytime you feel a need of it.
  • It will give a more professional look to your website.


  • For new website owners, it is threatening.
  • It continuously requires ongoing maintenance.

There are more advantages included in the list of self-web hosting; we recommend choosing self-web hosting instead of free web hosting.

Features to be consider

You can choose this option only if; you are in favor with self-web hosting. The factor that requires your consideration should be price, choose the one that is offering this service on a fair price. Check for all the services that the company is offering. It is better to include these questions on the list of conversation that you are going to do with the service provider.

  • Can I plan more than one website or blogs for this offer? It is important to ask it before rather than after, as, if you want to setup more than one website, clarify this before taking the service for making yourself secure from getting into confusion or additional charges.
  • Ask for the quantity of content that you are going to put on the website, it would a static website that will be having only a few pages or dynamic website with a lot of content, images and other stuff. So, ask for the storage space.
  • Expected traffic by means of supplied or offered bandwidth from the service providers. The relation of visitors is interrelated with the offered bandwidth, so ask for it to get more and more visitors.
  • Ask for customer support, you will be having need of it. It will make your work easy of building the website.
  • Ask that hosting on a shared server is fine or not. For small business oriented people, it is not an issue, the issue is privacy and bandwidth but it is offering an advantage of affordability.
  • Ask for the type of security that you required for your website. It can charge you from $30 to $50 for one domain in a year.
  • For what fact I have to pay? The website of yours can invite many different costs for establishing it. Still, ask about the facts that are offered by hosting providers.

For small business oriented companies, the payment must be $5 to $7 for one month. The charges could change as they are based on the domains, bandwidth, and disk space. You are supposed to pay $6 for unlimited bandwidth, in the case you are paying more than this amount, then be sure about getting extra facilities from the service providers. If you are getting high traffic on your website then there is nothing bad to be concerned about the speed, privacy, and security, this will cost $350 or more depending on the storage space.

Before taking this service make sure to compare the web hosts, so that you can get the idea about the packages and prices of each. Choose the one that is suitable and affordable for you.

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