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How The Internet of Things is Increasing Your Level of IQ

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The widespread use of internet and development of new devices has made it easy to harness the power of internet into their smart devices. IoT or Internet of Things is the future evolution of the Internet that will transform the whole world dramatically. It will enable the everyday objects and appliances like smartphones, cars and different machines to directly connect to the internet and start M2M Machine to Machine communication successfully. This way, these devices will be able to directly communicate with human beings with the help of advanced connectivity methods. Let us explore how IoT will raise the I.Q of people?

Facts About IoT

The smart devices will be involved in IoT in the future with systems far better than the past. A new range of protocols, devices and applications will be used; the IoT has emerged as the third wave in the development of the internet. It will enable automation in all fields. The major companies like Cisco, Google, Qualcomm, and Microsoft will lead the revolution of Internet of Things in the future. By 2020, there will be almost 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things. Among those, more than 30 billion devices will be connected wirelessly which will have huge effects on the lives of people by 2025.It will be able to bring power into the physical world objects and devices never like before.

In the next few decades, the widespread use of Internet of Thing will change the way the world operates its communication and electrical systems. A recent survey in the United States reveals that this project will be a huge success for the engaged internet users and the technology experts in the future. 83% participants agreed to the fact that Internet of Things will dominate all applications like wearable and embedded computing in the future. A huge number of devices will be directly connected to the internet through Internet of Things. Android and IOS devices will be no exception, built in sensors in the latest automobiles and smart transportation system will change the face of the earth.

Impact of IoT

Internet of Things will be able to bring a new revolution in the home and industrial systems like HVAC Control, light control, security alarms, thermostats, environmental monitoring, window control, home control and energy management through an internet gateway device.

  • It is believed that by 2020, 28 billion devices will be connected to the internet. These devices will include the smart watches, fitness trackers to home appliances. More devices include mobile phones, cars, robots and heart monitoring implants.
  • The Internet of Things will even help the fire fighters to complete the search and rescue operations effectively.
  • Wireless communication and embedded systems will be an integral part of the Internet of Things. These devices have shown significant improvement since 2013.
  • The vast use of IoT will enable the networking machinery and sensors technology an important part of the large businesses. It will boost the productivity and profitability of the organizations worldwide.
  • Controlling and monitoring operations in infrastructure management or urban development will also benefit from IoT. Construction of bridges, railways tracks, and offshore wind farms will be a crucial application of Internet of Things.
  • The IoT technology uses sensors. Therefore it will be efficiently used to monitor the environment and water pollution. It will help the scientists to reduce the soil erosion and air pollution; the environmental energy services will also be able to use IoT to provide warnings for natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, and volcanic eruptions.
  • In healthcare and medical field, the Internet of Things will provide new revolution from heart monitoring to blood pressure monitoring. Advanced devices like pacemakers will also be used with IoT.
  • The overall structure and infrastructure of transport systems will improve as IoT will dominate this field in the future. It will help the engineers control and monitor the overall system in a better way than before; the road safety, control, and communication will improve tremendously. The toll collection will become digital, and traffic control will be smarter than ever.It will be much easier for the authorities to apply safety measures.
  • All types of buildings will be improved through Internet of Things in the future. Whether it is an industrial building or a residential plot, the beneficial use of IoT will monitor and control the mechanical, electronic and electrical systems easily. The overall air conditioning and lighting will improve with IoT, the ventilation, and heating of building will also improve with IoT connectivity.


The Internet of Things IoT technology will also make a great mark on the transport systems of the future; building home automation will become easier as all home security systems and appliances will be acting like intelligence devices. For example, a refrigerator will be able to tell the owners what they should buy from a local store via messaging on the smart phone. Therefore it is concluded that Internet of Things will be able to raise the I.Q of people tremendously. They will be sharper and informed in the future with the intelligent devices connected to the internet than ever before.


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