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How to Be More Successful in Branding Your Business Through Web Design

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Branding Your Business Through Web Design

In today’s digitally strong corporate ecosystem, it’s quite hard for the businesses to enter, survive and leave a memorable impact in the target industry. However, every single company dreams the same. If you have been running a business or planning to do so, you need to create a unique selling proposition coupled with a compelling logo to stand out the competition. But, the most necessary thing is their promotion. Here, you need to build a convincing online presence in the form of a website.

Social media is a good option as well, but it works the best for brand awareness. As far as highly qualified business leads are concerned, a business website is unbeatable. Investing in web design agency London, UK is worth your time and money as it will help you quickly start attracting the potential leads. A perfect web design can give you massive leads or conversions so, you can’t sacrifice on your website design especially in eCommerce sites because it’s foremost priority of website builders.

Website Design Can Either Help or Hurt Your Business: 

Increased proportion of consumers bounce rate from an eCommerce website is lethal to revenue generation. A bad user interface is a key reason behind.

Here are eight things to avoid at all costs if you want to build a high-converting site. No one appreciates a crummy design as it will decamp the potential customers.

So, designers must come up with their best shots. And, for this, they need to escape all possible loopholes.

Let’s have a look at those weak points in your design that could be detrimental to your business advantage.

  1. Avoid infinite scrolling:

Practically, there isn’t anything like endless scrolling. But, when you tend to add a lot of information on one page, it will become too long; resulting in endless scrolling. The user will get exhausted and leave the site soon. For this reason, any software development company keeps the scrolling factor minimal in their products to give users a relaxing experience; improving user engagement.

  1. Don’t use heavy graphics:

A good website comes with images in good resolutions. However, if graphical elements become heavy, say you embed flash images, they will decrease the site’s loading time. Eventually, visitors will abandon your site and move on.

  1. Don’t add multiple CTAs:

Call-to-action buttons are essential for eCommerce sites, particularly on the homepage. See some amazing call to action examples for eCommerce sites. However, the general rule of thumb is that excess of everything is terrible. Multiple CTAs on the main page can confuse the site users, and they could lose the attention.

  1. Limit the pop-ups influx:

In the dire need, place only one pop-up window on the home page appearing at the reasonable time user reaches your site. Pop-ups in the form of banners or windows distract the users and disrupt their buying journey.

  1. Don’t bring up inconsistent style:

Visuals add pleasing effects to a website. However, using several and different designs on each web page will appear chaos to users’ eyes. The graph of users’ attention and engagement drops the time you give them a rugged style.

  1. Escape poor navigation:

Overall website navigation should be flawless. So, always keep the menu button well-padded. The functionality of the touch targets on the main navigation menu will decline as you remove the padding. It will restrict the user’s click area; troubling the users is killer to business success.

  1. Say NO to pushed marketing:

Interruption marketing seems a great tactic to promote your products and services. However, consumers’ behavior is entirely the opposite these days. The majority of them don’t want to be pushed into something they might not be interested. Remember, it’s your business site, not a broadcast medium. And, in case a user couldn’t find from where to close that suddenly appeared advertisement he will immediately turn away.

  1. Placement and readability Issues:

A nicely placed textual content, structured visuals and well-composed hierarchy of website elements are necessary just like law and order is mandatory for a healthy society,  Work on your font pairing technique and color contrast to strengthen the readability factor. Don’t use anything that make users feel like there’s nothing to focus on this website; let’s find something better.


Regardless of what business you run or planning to launch, your website is the first thing people usually come in contact. And, therefore, your initial impression should hold the potential of leaving a long-lasting impact on your prospective clients. It comes from a professionally designed website. Avoid the web design practices as mentioned above to ensure enhanced UX/UI experience for your business prospects. Must execute these all tips practically to experience most beneficial results for your business. Let’s try it now!

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