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How to browse internet Securely without any Security software.

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We all are using a security software or internet security to browse web safely. This will ensure us that our private data or information is safe when we browse or share it online. A security client is also necessary for doing transactions online and helps us to protect data. Today I will share you a fantastic tip to browse internet Securely without using any Internet security software.

Open DNS is one of the best free public DNS provider with various features and control. This will increase your internet speed but also secure your data online. So, let’s check out how to use it. Open DNS have various data centers across the globe to simplify the browsing experience. When you using open DNS ip and open a website in browser, it will call the website from its nearest server to increase the loading time of website even in slow network connections. How to browse Internet safely using Open DNS:

First of all you have to login or sign up an account with open DNS. This is very important step to get most out of open DNS. Creating an account with openDNS will help you to use most of their features and services. So, make sure that you have an account.

When you sign up go to your account, here you will find plenty of option to customize your settings. You will also get latest updates, news and features announcements directly in your account. If you are using a personal PC in your home than select “Home network” Now implement their ip addresses. Click here to know more about how to use openDNS and other public ip addresses.

Now go to the setting page, here you can set your security settings option from lower to high. You can also manually use this setting and block certain categories. Now click save. Wait for 3 minutes and that’s it. You are now fully protected. Now Open DNS will automatically block websites which is harmful to you or which you have blocked with your account.

You can also check your stats logs and browsing history from your account. You can also manually flush the cache directly from your account.


Open DNS is indeed a good option to browse web securely without any security software. This will also help you to keep your children safe from browsing unwanted sites without any hassle. Even your children did not know how you block it. So, I think Open DNS is a great way to keep protect your data online. I highly recommend it to others. If you have anything to share with us regarding open DNS, just drop a comment below.


  1. Belal Khan Reply

    But we are actually using open dns which is also some sort of software right?

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