How to Deal with PDF File Corruption Concerns?

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Body: PDF also known as Portable Document Format is a well-recognized file format highly used for data content management created by Adobe application. The popularity of PDF file format grew more when it became an official ISO-standard. It is a secure and appropriate format to exchange data, exchange images, print pages, and data safety. It has this important feature of password application which makes it even more authentic. It is also highly recommended for arenas like soft-proofing, e-books, reviewing contents, etc. Overall this file format is highly used as it is a secured. But eventually when you use these PDFs for storing important data, it is important that the file integrity is maintained. There are several occasions where PDF files are corrupted and users are unable to access their own data. This blog will discuss about importance of PDF files and associated corruption issues. Let us first see what makes PDF file format so expedient;

Multiple Usages of Adobe PDF Files

Creation: Documents can be created easily and professional documents are mostly saved as PDF document. Salary slips, bank statements, etc. are also created as PDF files nowadays for “paper-free environment”. PDF file format is also more interactive and lets user save important document in electronic medium.

Exchange: Transaction of PDF file is easier. Data as content, links, attachments, images, etc. can be transferred easily through PDF file. PDF supports multiple platforms and needs only Adobe Reader to open the file. This again makes the give and take of file convenient as it can be opened easily.

Professional Resource: File format comes from a reliable source and is a professional file format extensively used for commercial purpose. It has a clever file structure and comprises several important algorithms to enhance content management.

Is your PDF File Inaccessible?

Despite of all the advantages PDF provides it can be problematic when these files are corrupted. Corruption can be caused due to various reasons like; you downloaded a PDF file from network and it was not downloaded properly, it was saved in a drive which was virus infected. Such kind of corruption can lead to erroneous messages like below;

  • Format error: corrupted or not a PDF
  • There was an error processing this page
  • File does not begin with: %PDF – Header Issue
  • The root object missing
  • PDF unable to open using Adobe Reader
  • PDF if corrupt or damaged

It is not necessary that the problem is always related to file and its structure. Sometimes, OS fails to recognize it or the application running on the system has some issues and thus it fails to open PDF file. There can be problem with the settings of your system, Adobe Reader or Acrobat. You can perform the below mentioned work-around methods to overcome if the trouble is with the system.

Primary Work-around Methods to Make PDF Accessible

#Method 1: Update Acrobat or Reader

Adobe releases security updates regularly for both Reader and Acrobat. You can update the latest patch for the application which can resolve the issues with your system. For this,

  • Open Reader/Acrobat
  • Go to Help>>Check for Updates.


#Method 2: Repair Reader/Acrobat

You can try to repair the installation made on your system. This can help you to open and access PDF file easily. This can be done through your Windows Control panel. Follow the below mentioned steps for product installation repair;

  • Close the Adobe application Reader/Acrobat.
  • Go to Start>>Control Panel.
  • Click Programs and Features option.
  • This will show up list of all the installed applications.
  • Here select Adobe Reader or Acrobat from the list of programs.
  • Click Change and follow next steps as per messages prompts you.
  • When the procedure is complete, click Finish.

#Method 3: Repair Within Adobe Application

  • For Adobe Reader users: Open Application and go to Main Menu>> Help >> Repair Adobe Reader Installation
  • For Adobe Acrobat users: Open Application and go to Main Menu>> Help >> Repair Acrobat Installation.

What To Do If PDF Persists to Show Errors?

In case PDF file still shows error or has accessibility issues the problem is with PDF file integrity. In urgent cases, if you are not having the source file, and want to recover content from corrupted PDF file you can take help from commercial utilities like PDF Recovery Software. This software is online external software which is built to recover data from damaged PDF files. There are chances that PDF file structure is damaged badly and in such situation it is better to take immediate action so as to avoid more damages to the file.

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