How to find a perfect SEO writer for your website

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Getting your website optimised is very important if you want more visitors to come and check out what you have to offer. To this end, hiring an SEO writer can give you a great source of constant new material, which boosts your search engine rating and brings more visitors to your website on a regular basis. Here’s how to find one that fits the bill for you.

Advertise your needs

The first thing that you need to do is to put up a job listing where professional writers will be looking for work. Be very clear about everything that you need your SEO writer to do. Explain the niche that your business occupies so that you can attract writers with specific knowledge, and state how much writing you will require them to do on a regular basis. You can also state how much you are willing to pay if you have already decided on a budget, though you can also leave it up to the writer to pitch their fees. This will help you to find a good range of applicants so that you can choose the person who fits your role best.

Do a trial

When you have your applicants and you think you have chosen the writer that you would like to work with, the next step is to do a trial article or web page. This is important because you want to be sure that they fit what you are looking for, and their portfolio may not match up to what they actually deliver. You should pay them for this trial work, especially if you use it, but there is no need to continue on working with them if you are disappointed with the quality. This is a much better option than going right ahead with a contract and ordering a large batch of work from them. If you don’t like what they do, you will have wasted a lot of time and money already.

Be clear

A very important factor in finding the perfect SEO writer is being clear about what you want and need from them. You cannot expect someone to read your mind. If you don’t know much about SEO, that’s fine – you can ask them for their suggestions and see whether you agree with what they say. Otherwise, you can let them know the word count, keywords, and formatting you expect from them. The more precise you can be, the better the results will be. It might be that someone has the talent you are looking for but simply misinterprets your vague instructions to create something that is less than what you expected.

Headhunt your writer

Finally, if you are not having any success in finding a writer that works for you, it could be time to go out and headhunt a writer who has already demonstrated their capability. Go and look for websites in your niche and see the articles or web pages written there. When you find one in exactly the style you prefer, try to find out the author’s name. Sometimes they will be given a byline which will help you to track them down. In other cases, you may need to contact the website owner and ask them. This way you have someone with a proven track record who will work well for you.

It’s important to find the perfect SEO writer who will really get everything right for you, rather than settling for just anyone. This will guarantee you a great place in search results and a steady stream of visitors to your page.

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