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How to Import Contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2013 & All Other Editions?

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This blog will perfectly tell you the amazing and possible solutions to migrate Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook 2013, 2016 etc. Well! I am here after completed research in all aspects that why maximum users are now interested to go with Outlook application from IBM Lotus Notes. So, you can follow this article, which can also explains the step-by-step process to export NSF file to PST manually.

With this developing popularity of Domino and Exchange Server, the better communication place, NSF and PST files comes into the mind. NSF file is the data repository of Lotus Notes application, the emailing client used by Domino Server however PST file is the proprietary data storage file format managed by Microsoft Outlook application.

If I talk over on the business preferences and home usability necessities, then you will realized that NSF to PST migration sometimes becomes important to perform. And, if you know that NSF files cannot be converted from Lotus Notes to Outlook directly; in fact NSF File to PST conversion is must. As an advice, I can give you two possible solutions i.e. Manual Methods (Free solution) and Third Party comes with NSF to PST Converter (With free trial and license edition). So, keep reading this post because I am sure you will definitely get the amazing solutions.

Import Contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook

Reasons for Converting Data from Lotus Notes to Outlook  

There are n numbers of critical issues arise in Lotus Notes application and the facilities of Microsoft Outlook application which forces user to transfer the data from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Some of the issues and facilities are given below:

  • Lotus Notes complex interface is one of the top-most reasons to drop the profile of Lotus Notes application as it needs technical supervision at every single stage. And, if we consider the non-technical user then the Louts Notes user can’t handle it manually.
  • Login functionality to different account includes in increasing the difficulty of Lotus Notes app. It prohibit user to open multiple account simultaneously instead it needs separate login to each account.
  • Outlook application is inbuilt with Microsoft that means it is freely available with Ms Office suite which also includes very low maintenance cost. Errors of Outlook can be managed by the beginners.
  • Outlook email client can be easily synchronized with smart devices and the user can access their emails anywhere at any time even without the internet connection.

Free Answer Key to Copy Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook

As we know that we can’t access NSF emails in Outlook directly and to solute this problem we have to perform the conversion process so here you can go with the free working guide given below. Before directly to go step-by-step procedure I just want to tell you that this solution will described the two stages properly. In which first you have to convert the NSF emails into CSV file format and then transferring into Outlook PST format. So, without any wastage of more time, let’s go to perform the described procedure as given below:

Exporting Lotus Notes NSF Files to CSV File Format

  1. First, just download and open IBM Lotus Notes application
  2. Choose the NSF files that you need to exported into Outlook
  3. Once you have properly selected the file and opened the file on Lotus Notes email client, Press on File button available on the top menu bar and then click on Export button from the drop down list
  4. Now, on the Export Wizard, enter the file name, file location and file type as CSV (Comma Separated Value).
  5. A CSV Export dialogue box will appear, in which you can freely choose the necessary options.

Converting Comma Separated Value to MS Outlook Application

  1. Initially, you can install and start the MS Outlook application
  2. After installation, go to the File tab >> Click Open >> Go to Import button
  3. An instant click on Import button will displays the Import and Export Wizard which includes the different options. From these options, you can choose Import form another program or file and then go to Next.
  4. In this step, choose the file type as Comma Separated Values (Windows) and then again go to Next button.
  5. After that directly press on Browse tab and locate the CSV file created previously using the Import and Export Wizard of Lotus Notes, choose the required options from the given on whether to create duplicate entries or not and the press on Next button.
  6. Now choose the Outlook folder in which you want to import the NSF data and then go to Finish.
  7. Finally the complete NSF data perfectly imported into Outlook email client.

Why Not to Choose Free Technique?

You can take a single try of above manual technique, but before to start or to implement the steps first, take a backup of your Lotus Notes database. As I talk about the complete manual solution, the reason is only that, most of the users wants to go with the free solution. But they don’t know how this procedure will affect the complete database within a few seconds. This procedure is so much lengthy and difficult technique to implement. If you choose this solution then, get ready to give your full-attention on the steps because skip a single step can definitely damage the whole file during the process. And, to convert one or two NSF files to PST you can take this method perfectly, but for more file conversion you have to go through with complete steps again and again.

Ending Up

Well! To overcome the above problems coming up in manual solution, you can also try the NSF to PST software that can migrate Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook 2013 and on other versions. However, according to me, first you should go with free technique and then if it fails then, take an advantage of free download version of NSF to PST software. After trying both solutions you can perfectly decide that which one is better to resolve your problem.

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