How to Import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird?

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Summary:- Do you need to import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird? Get your email data easily import from Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird with ease. The article discussed the simple and procured method to simply import Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 PST files into Thunderbird. The dependency on the manual solution to achieve the import of Outlook mail gets reduced up to 99.9 percent.

Thunderbird Best Free & Open Source Email Client

Most of the Outlook users find it difficult to use for the daily business purposes. Therefore they want to move from Outlook to other open source email applications such as Thunderbird and much more etc. But when they decided to move then certain problems and issues are associated with them.

The Fear of losing the email while migration from Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 forced them to stopped the complete process and decided to deal with most sophisticated Outlook interface on the daily routines basis. But the business needs and other propaganda make them ready for the migration.


The Desire to Improve Wants Evolution With Perfection

Consider the scenario of a software development company which deals in the full fledged development of software from the first stage. At every stage, the developer has to report their seniors via email. Think for a while, If the user interface of Email application is not easy and simple. Most of the crucial time get consumed in the mail.

In such user wants more simplicity than ever so that their work gets easily recognized. Thunderbird is one such email client based on the open source projects and provides more ease and comfort than other email application of the same category. To Transfer Outlook PST files to Thunderbird, you need to convert it first.

The Big Concerned Remains How to Migrate Without loss of data?

The email application is different supports different file formats. What is possible solution to import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird impeccably?

The Outlook stores the email data in PST file format while Thunderbird saves its data in MBOX file format. PST does not recognize by Thunderbird directly. You need to convert Outlook PST to MBOX first then import it into Thunderbird. Whatsoever be the reason to migrate from Outlook PST Files to Thunderbird whether its spam filtering, message grouping or any other demands to change pst files to mbox format.

The Thunderbird Email application provides the facility to import the Outlook PST files into Thunderbird directly but it requires the installation of Thunderbird email client on which the Outlook is set as default email client application.

Let’s Perform the Import of Outlook PST With Manual Functionality of Thunderbird

The Complete step by step guide to efficiently migrate from Outlook to Thunderbird.
First of all, we will discuss the manual approach and later move on to the automated or professional methodology.

The Simple and easy steps to followed for the conversion of Outlook PST Files

  • Go to Start
  • Click on defaults programs and Select Set your default programs
  • Choose Outlook as the default email application and Click on Set this as default option

Download and Installs Thunderbird Email Application

  • Start Thunderbird and click on tools tab
  • Select Import and go to mail tab and select it using the radio button given there
  • Click Next and then click Finish

The above steps can help for other items like address book, email settings as well.

The Advantage and Benefits of Using Manual Technique to Import Outlook to Thunderbird

The Manual method is available free of cost. You can easily import Outlook PST to Thunderbird. Apart from this, there are certain restrictions or cons of using the manual approach such as the time consuming, slow process with sophisticated steps. You cannot neglect the fear of data loss. The traditional approach does not import Outlook contacts to Thunderbird.

Move on to Professional Approach to Migrate From Outlook to Thunderbird

The professional solution involves the use of Outlook to Thunderbird converter software which can deliberately convert bulk pst files to mbox without losing any single byte data. The possibility of data loss while using the tool is almost zero.

There are unlimited benefits of using the expert tool some of them are

  • The Conversion operation is fast and secure.
  • There is no risk or negligible risk of data loss
  • Easy to use interface

The Outlook to Thunderbird migration tool is one such solution that really helps you to comes out from the worst situation of business life. The tool is recommended by experts for the safe and secure migration of Outlook to Thunderbird. The Software is tested and checked on certain standards set by the expert people of the software industry. After their approval, the software is available for use.

The Brief Overview of Outlook to Thunderbird Converter Tool

The software has complete expertise in the migration of Outlook data to Thunderbird in bulk without compromising with the content & quality of data. The software can easily be worked with any pst file size. This utility is mature enough to handle all the concerns and issues itself.

Did I Miss Anything? How do you know?

The question can be answered only if itself follows the complete described steps and check the accuracy of the content. However, Import Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 Data to Thunderbird is not an easy task. We have discussed all the approach manual or the professional to tackle it and get victory our fear of data loss. At last, do it yourself, get engaged with it, do self-introspection and select the solution as per your ease and need. Good Bye!

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