How to Increase Sales and Improve Customer Support in 2019

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How to Increase Sales and Improve Customer Support in 2019

Having a great product is not enough to increase your sales. 2019 is going to be a special year where the trend will be to bring brands closer to their customers. Business owners also have a great appetite for exclusivity. Everyone wants their products to be the greatest and have a unique touch which will surprise their customers. However, in today’s society, this is not enough anymore. It is excellent customer service which makes the difference in the market. So, if you didn’t put customer support on top of your priorities, then 2019 is going to be the year where you should do it. Keep reading this article and discover which are the best methods to increase your sales and improve customer support this year.

How to Increase Sales and Improve Customer Support in 2019

  1. Ask customers for feedback

In 2019 you should know what your customers want from you. If you want to increase sales and improve your customer support, then you should ask your customers for feedback constantly. It doesn’t matter if you receive positive or negative feedback. The most important thing is to make your customers tell what they think about your products. You can use customer feedback in different ways. Positive customer feedback can be used as a testimonial on your website. Therefore, you will win the trust of your future customers by sharing a real experience.

On the other hand, negative feedback is actually not so bad as it seems. You can use bad customer feedback to assess your product or selling process and come with improvements. Therefore, you will make sure that your future customers don’t face the same problems. What is more, your customer support team can focus on the negative feedbacks and come back to unsatisfied customers with a resolution. Thus, you will show them that their feedback is essential for you and you put all the efforts to solve what went wrong.

  1. Fast response

If you want your customers to talk about your professional customer support, then you should make sure that you reply fast to their requests. Speed is the word which is going to dominate 2019. You can use social media to respond fast and easy for your customer’s inquiries. “You can have a dedicated team for social media to answer all your customers’ questions. Even though you may not see the benefit right away, this is, in fact, a very good strategy.

By replying to your customers’ inquiries very fast, you will turn them into your brand advocates. A satisfied customer who feels that you put all the efforts to provide the best products and services will most likely talk about you to his friends and family. What is more, he will not only share his experience on social media, but he will continue to promote your product whenever he has the opportunity”, says the CEO at PickWriters.

  1. Pay attention to details

If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition in 2019, you should pay close attention to details. Make the most use of your CRM system and collect all the possible details about your customers. For example, you can collect their birthday, or you can use their first purchase date in your marketing campaigns. Your customers will always appreciate that you didn’t forget about their anniversary or birthday. You can send an automated and personalized email to them during these special occasions. Furthermore, this is the right moment when you can offer them a free product or a discount voucher. This is how you will increase their loyalty to the brand. You can take things even further and send them a written note, in which you thank them for standing next to you and being a being a loyal customer. Even though these might seem unimportant details, your customers will appreciate that you remembered the most critical moments in their life. People are always in a hurry nowadays and tend to become superficial. Therefore, when they see that someone appreciates them and puts efforts into offering a unique experience, then their attitude towards the brand becomes a very positive one. So, you can put your bets on this card, and you can rest assured that you won’t lose.

  1. Keep them interested in your products

If you succeeded in making someone finalize a purchase, this doesn’t mean that your work is over. You shouldn’t shift your attention from them and forget that they exist. In fact, you should do everything you can to make them come back and bring other customers as well. How can you do that? Excellent customer support is the answer. Whenever you have a new customer, you should let him know how happy you are that he became part of your story and chose you to solve his problems.

On the other hand, if you turned the new customers into regular ones, this also doesn’t mean that they aren’t important. You can reward your regular customers with occasional perks or discounts created especially for them. Pay attention to their buying behavior and create personalized offers based on their budget and preferences. This is how you create a list of loyalists who will never disappoint you. This category of customers provides constant revenue and are some of the biggest promoters of your brand. So, this is the path to go if you want to increase sales and improve customer support in 2019.

  1. Know your products in detail

The first impression always matters. If you want your customers to respect you, you should show them that you are an expert when it comes to your products. Therefore, you should train your customer support team and teach them about the smallest details of your products. They should be able to answer any question, irrespective of how difficult it is. When they are well-trained, the response time will be extremely fast. So, you will add another important point in your favor. Satisfied clients who don’t have to wait too long to receive answers to their questions will automatically increase sales. Also, they will also promote your professionalism and your amazing customer support team.

Customer support goes hand in hand with sales. If you keep high standards when it comes to customer support, then you will automatically have increased sales. It isn’t easy to keep high quality though. You will have to train your staff and teach them how important it is to give the right answers and to give them fast. Follow the above methods, and you will see that it isn’t so difficult to increase sales.

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