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How to make yourself safe online.

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We all are living in a digital era. This makes our life easier. You can order foods online, book rail and air tickets with just a single click. People interact with each other through Internet. Life is so easy now isn’t it? But sometimes we are completely unaware about the dark side of the digital era. Your confidential and personal information can easily be stole or hacked by hackers without letting you know. This will happen especially when you do transactions online.

This is really a Big concern and a Question is always arise “How to Make yourself safe Online” In this article I will show you how you can save yourself from this big issue and maintain your privacy online.

Never share your personal info

Its highly recommend that you never share your personal information like your email I’d, phone number etc to anyone until you that person very closely. This the very first step to stay safe online.

Don’t respond to fake calls

Sometimes it comes to notice that people get caught by fake calls and share their personal information and confidential bank details like debit or credit card number and pin to the hackers. They call themselves as a bank personal and ask you to give them your credit or debit card details. But the fact is that no bank can call their customers and ask for their personal and card details. If you receive this type of calls just visit your nearest branch and told them about this call.

Never respond to unsolicited emails

Never respond to any unsolicited emails. Sometimes you will or have get email regarding lottery winning of million dollars. Actually it is a spam email and its automatically filter by email providers like Gmail and they put it on your mail spam area. Don’t try to open these types of emails and never reply to them. Just delete them.

Use preventive steps when doing transactions online

Never use cyber cafe and public places to make transactions online. PC, s in those places is used by thousands of people and is highly vulnerable to virus infection. When you make transactions online make sure that you use virtual keyword to insert your passwords and card details. Make sure that the site where you willing to transact are open with https.

Always use a security program in your PC

Its highly recommend that you use a antivirus or internet security programs to make sure that your PC will not get infected by virus, spyware, malware’s etc. You can use any trusted antivirus program of your choice. If you are quite budgetary with antivirus than you should try Avast.

Be careful when doing transactions from your phones

Phones are now part of our day to day life. But phones are highly vulnerable for virus infection. So if doing transactions with your infected phone than it will create disaster for you. I have created an article regarding how to make your android phone safe.

These are the few simple and easy steps which will help you to make yourself safe online and also help you to secure your private and confidential data. If you have any thoughts or query regarding this you can share it with us. Just drop a comment below. We love to hear it from you. If you like this article than share it with your friends. Thanks for reading and always stay safe.


  1. Thank You Vishwajeet for sharing this. It’s always a good reminder to read such online security infos.

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