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How to Print High-Quality Inkjet Greeting Cards at Home

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How to Print High-Quality Inkjet Greeting Cards at Home

Inkjet printers are capable of producing high-quality color prints which make them the perfect choice for printing greeting cards. The best part about inkjet printers is that they are available at a pretty affordable price. When compared with laser printers, the inkjet ones are capable of producing far much better print quality.

Through the medium of this article, I am going to showcase a few tips that will enable you to print high-quality inkjet greeting cards at home.

Define a Custom Paper Size in Printer Settings

Firstly, you will have to define a custom paper size in your printer properties. This is the foremost step for using the pre-scored inkjet note cards. Most of the popular inkjet printer manufacturing companies like Canon, HP and Epson have this particular feature. The paper sizes should always be defined in the same way. The width should be set to the smaller dimension of the paper and the height or length must be the longer dimension of the sheet. Once this has been done, then you will only have to change the orientation button according to the way you want to lay the greeting card.

Start By Printing the Inside of The Card

For printing graphics or text in the inside of the card, you must begin by printing these first. By doing this you will negate the possibility of any kind of scratching, as this side of the photo will pass through the printer once.

Utilize Photoshop and its Elements For Producing Better Results

For designing the layout and printing of the greeting cards it is better to make use of Photoshop or the Photoshop Elements. There is no other program that will offer such flexibility for layout size, text and photo replacement and also color replacement. The cost of the Photoshop program is pretty expensive but the Elements version are available at an affordable price. All the necessary options will be available to you.

Determine Whether You Want to Print on Single or Both the Sides

All the inkjet printable card stocks which are available cannot be printed on both the sides. Therefore, you will have to make a decision on the design of your paper and then make a purchase of the paper. For printing photos on both the sides of the paper, you will have to look for a product which is double sided or C2S.

Insert Only a Few Sheets At a Time

Not all the inkjet printers can be fed with large stacks of card stocks. Therefore, instead of feeding the card stocks consistently it would be better to only insert around 5 to 10 sheets in the tray at a single time. All the papers which are extra heavy or the cloth materials like cotton should always be inserted one at a time. You should always use your machine in a gentle manner so that the printing process doesn’t get affected.

Always Keep the Feed Rollers Clean

In order to avoid any form of paper misfeed, it is vital that you keep the feed rollers clean. The feed mechanism of the printer should be clean and free from any form of paper debris or inkjet coating. This will enable your HP ink cartridges to function in a proper manner. Inkjet printers do need some sort of cleaning and maintenance after using them for some considerable time.

When the Outside of the Card is Printed, the Photo Side Should Come Out First

The layout should be set in such a way so that when the print button is clicked the photo side of the card’s outside is printed first by the printer. Due to this, the outside back of the printer will make its way out of the print at last. By doing this, there will be no chances of head strikes that could lead to black smudges on the boundary of the thick media.

The Envelopes Must Match the Size of the Card

Lastly, the envelope that you would use for presenting the card must be of the proper size. There are different dimensions of envelopes which are available. Therefore, it becomes important that you carefully verify both the greeting card and the envelope size before investing in it. You would not want to buy a card which is either too small to fit the card in or too large.

In The End

I hope that all the points which are mentioned in this article would prove to be quite useful for you in printing your first inkjet greeting card at home. Just make use of your creativity along with the steps that have been showcased above. The final greeting card which will be produced will be a high-quality one.



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