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How to speed up your PC performance.

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We all are facing problems with our PC. Sometimes it’s get very slow and takes few minutes to boot up. I know that this is very annoying for all of you and you all are struggling with it. Speed up your PC is not a rocket science. You simply have to follow few guidelines in order to boost up your PC performance and of course it’s boot time. Today I will show you some easy steps through which you can easily sort your PC performance issues.

Tips to increase your PC Performance

Clean up your Hard Drive

It is always suggested that clean up your system frequently to make sure that your hard drive doesn’t have plenty of junk files which is naturally slow down your PC. You can clean up your hard drive by using windows “Disk clean up” Just open your control panel than open system and security and then under administrative tools you have find option for disk clean up. However you can also use third party tools like ccleaner etc.

Defragment your Hard Drive.

Defragmentation of hard drive is a good practice to make your hard drive works faster. It will consolidate your files and makes your hard drive younger. You can find disk defragmenter option in the same place where you find the disk clean up. I strongly recommend only using windows in built defragmenter; don’t use any third party software to defragment your Hard disk.

Minimize your start up programs

When we install software or programs in our PC, It will automatically throw in system start up. Its process will automatically start when you boot up your windows. Sometimes loading so many programs can slow down your boot performance. So, make sure that you don’t put unnecessary program on system start up. You can also review start up programs by following ways. Just clicks windows icon, than type “System Configuration” click and open it. Under start up option you will be able to view programs which will start automatically with windows. You can stop any unnecessary programs from the start ups.

Use Antivirus and Antimalware software

Sometime viruses and malware can cause your PC to behave unnaturally and alter some of your windows process which will seriously or sometimes severely harm your PC. I suggest you to use a Good Antivirus programs like MSE, QuickHeal, Kaspersky, McAfee etc. to make sure that your PC is protected by harmful and unwanted programs.

Update your Device drivers and windows

It is highly recommend that you always update your device driver to its latest version. Sometimes out dated drivers can cause conflict with programs and hardware. If you using genuine windows than make sure that your PC is set to install updates automatically. This will ensure that latest patches and security updates from Microsoft install automatically on your PC. This helps you to sort out most of your PC problems and also secure your windows core files.

Don’t Install Pirated software’s

I strongly protest against piracy and recommend everybody to do so. Using and installing pirated software can cause serious issues with your PC. Source code of pirated software has been altered which will make the software vulnerable and hackers can easily get control of your PC using these programs and software’s.

Final Word

These are my few recommendations for all of you who are struggling to make His/her PC faster. I personally follow these Guidelines and find it more realistic. These steps help me to protect my PC as well as boost my PC performance. If you guys have any questions or queries regarding this, feel free to share it with us. Just drop a comment below.

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