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How to Unlock SIM Locked Phone With IMEI Unlock (Ultimate Guide)

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In a daily routine, there might occur a situation where end up buying a SIM-locked phone. Basically, you can use your phone only with one carrier operator. If you want to shift to any other network operator, then while inserting the SIM you might get the error message and SIM card will not work at all.

This situation occurs if you have bought a SIM-locked phone. Buying such phones does not have any problem, the working, and features of the phone remain the same, but you cannot change the network carrier operator.

But now, this problematic situation has a solution, you only need to send a few information, make a payment and your Samsung Galaxy S10 will get SIM unlocked.

Is your phone SIM Locked?

Buying a phone from online sites or any other dealer the first thing you must thing consider is does the phone is, carrier locked or not?

Not every but there are companies that sell locked phones, so what can you do in that case? If  you can use the same SIM card network operator than it is well and good but if no, then the solution is right there for you. There is SIM card unlocking companies that make you unlock Samsung Galaxy S10 SIM-locked phone instantly.

How to confirm your phone requires unlocking?

The best and one the easiest way to determine if it is locked is through testing it. Not much you just need to insert the SIM card (not the one you are using, means it must be of different network operator) on your Samsung Galaxy S10.

After inserting if the phone screen displays any “Unlocking message” or does not work then it is clear that you need to look for the unlocking companies to unlock your galaxy S10 locked SIM network carrier.

How to look for unlocking companies?

You may find plenty of unlocking companies online, but you should opt for the one that seems trustworthy.

  • Check their website online, check the price, and compare it with other
  • Check their reviews online or look for reviews from friends and
  • You can also call on the number to companies and ask the questions if

IMEI phone unlocking services through unlocking companies:

The company you have hired will offer the IMEI phone unlocking service for your Samsung Galaxy S10. So, let’s get into a deep understanding of how the phone unlocking IMEI service works and what are the steps you need to consider.

IMEI unlocking process:

Phone unlocking companies look for a few important information which includes:

  • 15 digit unique IMEI number that you can check by dialing *#06# on your
  • Other information includes your country (you are living in, not the one you are currently visiting) along with it you need to tell them the network operator you are currently

What’s next after sending the IMEI information?

Once you have sent the IMEI number of your Samsung Galaxy S10, then you will receive the unlocking code details on your email-id. The email-id contains the unlock code that you need to add when required.

How to SIM unlock with Unlock code?

You just need to start by inserting another network SIM into your Samsung Galaxy S10. once you insert the SIM, your phone will read the “Pin Network Unlock Code” or “Enter unlock code.” You need to enter the code you have received on your phone. Once you enter the code, it will get unlocked immediately.

What if you don’t receive the “Enter unlock code” option on your phone?

If somehow, you do not get the option of unlock code, try to reinsert the SIM, but if it still not get any message just call or message to the unlocking company. You don’t need to worry they will handle your query and help you get your Galaxy S10 unlocked permanently.

Not all the time, but there might occur a case among 100 that you don’t display the option of unlock code. The best thing is, your phone unlocking company knows what to do next so, you not need o take much stress — all you need to follow the steps that they required you to perform with your phone.

Wrapping up:

Well, such phone unlocking companies are best to look forward to this fast-moving life. We know how it becomes hectic to look at the companies here and there with other important work. Having a personal number that is linked to the business colleagues is a must and when you need to end it as you cannot change the network operator is somewhat bothersome. But now, you can easily change the network operator whenever required permanently with a few bugs and trustworthy unlocking companies.

These services have surely made things more manageable and accessible. Without facing much hassle, you can unlock your phone in the comfort of your home.

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