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How to use UBUNTU to download YouTube video?

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UBUNTU is one of the most famous Linux based OS and that is why every IT site need to have a word about it. In this post we are going to explain – how to download YouTube video by using UBUNTU?

UBUNTU is a free OS which comes as Linux made for human beings. This OS is free for download and to use. Just like it is case with MS Windows most of us wants just to click a mouse to do all the work. You can do that, but sometimes it comes handy to make a trick with a Terminal or bash script file which can make things for you.


On this occasion you can learn how to download video file from YouTube. It is not so hard, and if I can say – maybe it is easier to download video with UBUNTU than with MS Windows.

To download Video from YouTube first thing you will need is a good video downloader. I will mention few of them – one with Graphical interface, one with Terminal usage and bash script on the end. This way you can learn how UBUNTU work and meet his logic.

Minitube is the most famous YouTube video streaming software and download tool. It has graphical interface which helps even less experienced users to download videos using it.

Another way to download video from YouTube is by using Youtube-dl application. This app runs through UBUNTU Terminal but don’t worry. It is quite easy to use Youtube-dl and to download video. To learn how to install Youtube-dl and command to download video follow this link.

Third way to download YouTube video is the coolest. Use bash script to download video. Don’t know what we are talking about? Here is an example:



flash=$(ls -t /tmp/Flash* | head -n 1)

destination=$(find ~/.mozilla -name sessionstore.js -exec sed ‘s/.*title:”([^”]*).*selected.*/1/’ {} 😉

echo “waiting for download to finish …”

size=$(du $flash)

while sleep 5s; do

                if [ “$size” != “$(du $flash)” ]; then

                                size=$(du $flash)






cp “$flash” “$HOME/${destination////%2f}.swf”


To download video you are currently watching, start this bash script and wait till finish downloading.

To start bash script run terminal and type script file name – for example- – and confirm with Enter. Your video will appear in your home directory. Maybe it sound confusing to you, but try this method and watch how it goes. I believe many MS Windows users can’t or don’t know that kind a trick.

All methods explained above are for learning purposes. There are many other applications for downloading videos. Some of them could be better in performing but apps from this post have purpose to show others how they can use UBUNTU. Don’t be afraid of new stuff and learning different Operating Systems.

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This OS comes 100% FREE of charge. People still hesitate of using it thinking either it is hard to understand or expecting some miss functionalities. However, the truth is totally different. With UBUNTU you will get stable and secure System which can perform all tasks user need.

If you got any question about this topic please leave a comment and wait for response. Hope you’ll find this post interesting and helpful.

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