iCare Data Recovery Pro May Giveaway: Recover Lost Data for Free

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Hello, friends there! Want a practical data recovery solution to recover your lost, missing, deleted, virus-infected, inaccessible or invisible files back from computer internal hard disks, local partitions, removable hard drives, flash drives or digital camera mobile phone SD cards, Micro SD cards, CF cards or memory card for free? No worry! iCare Data Recovery Pro is what you are looking for. And, coincidentally and fortunately that iCare Recovery has launched a May giveaway which allows everyone to download and use its effective product, iCare Data Recovery Pro, to rescue Word documents, movies, audio files, messages, photos and more information deleted or lost from different commonly-used storage devices. And also pay attention here: this free giveaway will only be valid to May, 18, 2016.

If you or your friends are really interested, please go download this data recovery software during the giveaway period.

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iCare Data Recovery Pro Review:

iCare Data recovery Pro, as worthwhile data recovery software, has been designed with many outstanding data recovery features for people to cope with diversified data loss troubles related to your PC partitions, USB hard drives, pen drives or memory cards with simple clicks and high efficiency.

Here are some key features of iCare Data Recovery Pro:

*Offer three well-designed data recovery modes to cope with different data loss problems, including Deep Scan Recovery, Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery.

*Offer an easy-to-understand interface for customer to grasp and use this software quickly.

*Offer a read-only interface and do not cause worse device data loss troubles for you directly.

*Support all types of storage device files: PPT, Excel, PDF, TXT, CR2, videos, audios, messages, photos, mails and more files.

*Support all popular storage devices: USB hard drive, internal hard drive, computer partitions, USB drive, SD card, CF card, SDHC card and more.

*Support nearly all prevailed computer Windows OS versions.

Overall, if you or your friends need perform data recovery to get lost or deleted information back, this software could be a promising chance to go on.


How to Take Deleted or Lost Files back with iCare Data Recovery Pro for Free?

Step1. Open the iCare Data Recovery Pro May Giveawy Page and like it there.

Step2. Click “Get Giveaway Version” button and download it to your computer local partition, not the storage device with data loss issues.

Step3. Install and launch this data recovery software on your PC well.

Step4. Choose a fixable data recovery mode based on your data loss situations and perform a deep scan there.

Step5. Activate this software with the free code listed on a “Code” file inside your downloaded compressed iCare Data Recovery Pro folder.

And then, recover your desired original device information back as you wish.

Please Note:

*There is no free upgrade and no free support.

*The offered free code often works on the downloaded giveaway version only.

*No matter what happens, always make device data backups well on several drives or locations from now on.


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