Important SEO Image Optimization Tips For Your Startup In 2019

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If you’re about to launch a startup company, you are certainly going to be focused on brand visibility. You have to get your business off the ground, and your online presence is definitely important. With that being said, search engine optimization is a priority and these tips for SEO in 2019 can be of help to you.

SEO Image Optimization Tips

Everyone tells you that you have to be patient in terms of SEO. That may be the case as far as delayed results, but everything is picking up a little more quickly these days. Not to mention, you have to put into practice so many search engine optimization strategies in order to stay relevant and beat out the competition.

Finding the right keywords isn’t about just one phrase that you need to focus upon. To be clear, it never was, but LSI keywords are certainly more important than ever. The AI Google uses to crawl websites is certainly smarter these days, and you have to play the game.

Speaking of Google crawling websites, I read recently that the company crawls the mobile versions of sites first. In other words, it’s not just about having a mobile-friendly site. Your mobile site is going to be the one that Google bases its decisions off of initially.

If you don’t have a mobile version of your site, you can certainly kiss the ranking opportunities goodbye. Also, let’s talk more about those keywords for a second because they have everything to do with certain other tips that are going to affect the site traffic for your startup. You know that geolocation is important. Therefore, you need to see how you can tie in the location to your keyword phrases.

It’s also important these days to think of keywords phrases that add more context to the subject matter. To do that, brainstorm a list based off of your original keyword phrase, or you can use a keyword finder tool. Furthermore, think about keywords that incite action. You want those site visitors to take action for sure.

Images are big these days, and you’re certainly going to take the time to make sure you have good ones. Yet if they aren’t optimized, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Optimize those images, and make sure you also start a back-linking campaign. As you work on the inbound links, come up with a plan for organizing your internal links as well.

And as always, once you get your startup launched, track that SEO data. You want to know what to do more of and what to change. Whatever is working signals you to keep at it, but you might have to tweak a few things.

How close are you to launch? Not applying everything you know about SEO would be a failure to launch. You may have to reach out for help, too. It’s really neat what all the SEO professionals are able to do. You need to come out of the starting gate strong, and that is going to require that all of your search engine optimization efforts are spot on.

Image Optimization Tips For Your Site As You Prepare To Launch

Image Optimization

Optimizing images for your website is a very important SEO tip in 2019. What are you doing to accomplish this task? As you continue to post content, those images build up. You don’t want to get behind, and staying on top of your game can really pay dividends. You want the site traffic, and those images can help. Here are some tips to help you optimize the images on your site for the search engines.

First of all, it really matters what images you use. In other words, you’re not going to want to use clip art if at all possible. Those images aren’t unique. They can serve a purpose, but you get the point. You want to be sure that you have unique and high-quality images that tie into the topic at hand. Think about images that really relate first-hand to the written content on the page.

When it comes to using high-quality images, the format matters. Poor resolution is going to count against you, and it’s not the human eyes that are going to hold you accountable the most. Remember that rankings are all about appeasing the search engines. Without passing their test, your site doesn’t get in front of as many human eyes, to begin with.

At the same time, high-quality images also matter in terms of consumers. You want them to like what they see. You are going to use other methods for driving traffic aside from just targeting SEO, too. You want to use social media for sure. You target consumers via social media with lousy images, however, and you’re not going to fare well there either.

Now the point is really clear. Those images need to be of the highest quality, or else your site pays the price. You can post excellent written content, but lesser quality images will count against you. And if you’re wondering what format to use for images, JPEGs are always the best possible solution, at least for now.

The world of SEO is always changing. You have to stay on top of what’s important when optimizing images for your site. One thing that can help you is reducing the file size for your images. That can make a big difference because you are participating and playing by Google’s rules in terms of the mobile-first index. That can really help you out more than you know.

It can also help your images load faster, which is another key point. One thing you can do, too, is to search out the available tools that can help you optimize your images for the search engines. There are some helpful tools out there, and you might try them out.

You also want to keep your images organized, and you want to include captions for the images, too. Those are just two more helpful tips as you get ready to optimize your site’s images so that you win with the search engines. Those images are certainly very important, and you are ready to make them a priority.


Optimizing a website is critical to SEO performance. Image optimization has been one of the most under-valued on page SEO elements startups have yet to implement. If you are a startup company, looking to rank your website it is imperative to add image optimization into the SEO mix. The insights of this blog post were provided by the New York SEO Agency, Pro Chrome Media.

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