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How insulting it feels if you ever find yourself blamed to not to be strategic, have you ever gone through this?

Possibly yes, everyone who is making any sort of decisions, and plans for his/her job or business needs to be quite strategic and have a broader vision. So many of us think that it is the responsibility of seniorities to think big but it is not like that. It is the mindset which hinders your way to be more strategic. Just make your mind about it that is a part of your job. Though it isn’t written somewhere in your job description, if you will not contribute your part to the strategic part of your work, you will risk your job for the demotion or lesser salary. When you have realized this fact, try to focus on four main points to be more strategic:

Be a trend seeker:


Most of the times, an employee doesn’t seek enough time to get out of their work and think something big. That is the point where demolition begins. You are doing a job and living in an environment that keeps changing with time. Nothing can be constant. Same is the case with the trends that you need to bring to your industry. If you are working on same lines, you cannot be promoted.

How internet helps here

Internet is the biggest source to be in touch with latest trends and techniques that can help you to flourish your business or your job. Sometimes you miss the key information which can help you to be more focused and proactive for the fast growing company. Internet is the greatest gift of technology which has put the whole world to your feet.

You can easily be more understanding towards the latest trends, business drivers and industry context if you make it a routine to give a quality time to surf web hunting appropriate details and get it into your industry. Moreover, you also need to keep an eye to the internal trends of your working place. You will have to observe the issues that keep rising again and again and synthesize the hurdles your colleagues might be facing. Try to get the solution using internet and get benefit from the experiences of outer world.

You should also share the findings with your peers. Keeping the information to your desk will prohibit your organization to progress fast and you will find yourself responsible for that somewhere.

Be a little more curious:



Curiosity is the key of discovering. Strategic thinking and curiosity walk side by side. What actually you have to do to quench your thirst of curiosity is to leave your desk for a while and go for a walk somewhere you have never been. It can be some park, some library, cafeteria or any other place where people meet each other. Get into more discussions and try to pick something new from other’s experiences. It will stimulate your mind and trigger brand new approach to be more strategic.

Internet helps your curiosity:

Again there is a need of internet when you don’t spend much time outside or you feel it not always possible to leave your desk. You need to increase your reading time. If your experiences cannot be physical as it needs lots of spare time and energy, try to read about new places, new ideas and opinions and the experiences writers have quoted in their books. Internet has made it so fast to get into a library without even leaving your seat. Explore kindle, and learn new things. Some experts have described strategic thinkers ‘T’ shaped. What actually it means is the top bar of letter T belongs to span of knowledge they have gained through different sources and the stem represents a deep understanding of their personal expertise. So as much as you will gain through reading, you will get to know the better points of your own industry.

Try to take the matter critically:



It’s not a good practice to directly take decisions when you got stuck in any problem. Quick decision and solution finding hurt the soul of strategic thinking. You must go through a complete thinking method that consists of three phases. Observation, questioning the situation and finding solutions! Describing that in detail is to observe the problem in detail then create questions relevant to various aspects of the issue. After that go to find the answers and you will get the solution of the issue. Make decisions based upon the facts you have gathered. This methodology will help building a rational strategic thinking approach by touching every corner of the situation you are in.

How internet helps here:

Even at this point, internet can help you a lot. There are thousands of forums and surveys online which you can get help from. You can put your question in front of relevant communities and discuss the matter with them. It will throw light even on those aspects which are not into your concentration. Or you may create a survey yourself, post it on social media an after you find the responses, make a decision based on its findings. It is the most appreciated way to solve an issue.

Strategy is a lot more than sheer thinking practice; it also adds execution to the process of strategic thinking. When you have started generating brand new ideas and connecting them, you will surely get yourself daring enough to take decisions about what is to do next.”


John Alex is a freelance writer, experienced blogger and a professional social media coach. Currently he’s working with . He assists businesses create and control social media content planning.

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