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Information technology has become a basic need to do your work. Here are some useful tips that anyone can use no matter you are a student or an employee.The following tips you can use in daily work tasks and accomplish your work faster with perfection.

Searching Tips

When you use a certain keyword on a search engine it will give youmillions of search results related to that keyword, in order to narrow down the search one of the best tip is using +, – , * and “”.Yes, these symbols will help in eliminating the irrelevant results not just from Google but pretty much works on every search engine.

+ means you want searches related to particular word

– use if you want to eliminate any certain word or eliminate it from your search results

* use asterisk if you want different combinations of certain keywords

“” use inverted commas if you want specific or exact word or phrase

Password Creation

if you are confused about whether password is secure enough which hackers cannot easily crack. Here are some websites, which will tell you, how strong, and secure your password is, all you have to do is type your password in the password tab on the website. website tells you how long will it take hackers to crack your password, the longer the period is, the strong and secure your password is. this website provides in-depth details about your password. Its complexity, strength, characters you have used and their effectiveness. So that you can work on that specific part of your password to make it strong and complex.

Here is a tip never keep one password for various log in ids that way you will make your password common and it will be easily crack-able. If you have problem of forgetting passwords make sure to save them in a safe place and never share your passwords on the internet as you never know where your data is being saved. Also, make sure that you change your password after a certain time, 60 days or 90 days or 6 months that totally up to you.

Recovering Lost Data

In case you have mistakenly deleted your important data and you want to undone it there are various software, which you can install in your computer “easeus data recovery”, is one of the best and free recovery software. Install this software, then select the specific folder or device from which you need your data to be recovered.

However, in case if you want something to delete forever and never recover back here’s a tip which you can use. You need to delete your replace that file with another file it should have the same extension or format. For instance, you saved an image by the name of “Flower.png” note down name, delete the file and create or save any other image with the same name and format / extension that is “Flower.png”, that way your previous file  can never be recovered even if you run the recover software it will show the current file not the previous one.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make your work more efficient, instead of hovering your mouse and searching for an option you want to click on to activate that particular function. All you need are a couple of keys to be pressed and it will do the job for you in a blink of an eye. Although it can be difficult to learn so many keyboard shortcuts at a time, what you can do is that learn a couple of shortcuts and use them often. By that, you will get in the habit and you no longer need to remember them when you want to use them. Oncethose shortcuts include in your routine and try some new ones, and slowly and gradually, you can easily learn these useful uses of your keyboard.

There are a huge number of websites available on the internet you can learn from that. Nevertheless, remember, practice is necessary.

Keyboard shortcuts are not only available for windows but for browser, MS office, adobe and various other software. Although it takes time to learn but eventually if you learn them, you can do your tasks more efficiently.



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