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Instagram Game Plan for expediting mobile app

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Instagram is in the mold of Facebook and Twitter and is a social media platform used for sharing photos, videos etc. Promoting your app on Instagram is one of the costs saving way to attract new users and engage the old ones. The app has around 700 million active users in a month but hardly 28% of the marketers use it for promotions.

Just posting pictures or videos won’t boost your app promotion, there is something more needed. In this post, I am going to describe the ways to promote your app on Instagram.

Opinion Shapers:

Reaching out to Instagram influencers for promoting your app on Instagram is one of the most impressive ways of marketing. You can reach out to influencers or opinion shapers easily by emailing them (email address is provided in the profile) or direct messaging.

Marketing with the help of opinion shapers works upwards of the traditional marketing. While making purchases, people prefer apps recommended by influencers.

Unified Instagram theme:

Unified Instagram theme
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People will follow you on Instagram based on your theme itself. Creating a unified theme is very important because Instagram focalizes exclusively on visual content. Hence stick to your app’s (or brand) palette, stay consistent with the message that you want to send, maintain a steep paradigm etc. If a single picture or video is out of your theme, it will spoil everything.

Applying Hashtags:

Hashtags are one of the paramount for getting discovered and consider these on priority while posting. Basically using Hashtags adds chances of getting into sight. You can take maximum advantage of using 30 Hashtags (limit) in a post, include a mix of short and long tail Hashtags like #travel, #travelbookingapp etc. A good practice is to add the Hashtags in the comments rather than the title.

App Install Video Campaigns:

A video is a powerful form of content marketing and Instagram provides the best platform to share your videos. The focus of Instagram is entirely on visuals and this gives an opportunity to marketers to reach out to the ideal users. You can create an app install campaign using your business’s Facebook page.

Snail Games, a Chinese app developer has been promoting their famous app Taichi Panda since 2015. They decided to experiment and advertise the app on Instagram. By using highly engaging videos on Instagram, they saw a 339% increase in app installs.

App Install Video Campaigns
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Cross Promote:

Cross promoting your mobile app with another applicable product, app or services can help you reach an altogether new audience who may be interested in your mobile app. While cross promoting, create a powerful call-to-action, include your app’s icon in the photos and try to promote with a brand which has same or more amount of followers as yours.

Focus on Device Type:

If you are targeting your mobile app for a specific platform like only Android, only iOS etc then you can change the Instagram setting with respect to the same and target only that set of audience. When you are setting up your ad, you have the flexibility to choose display on android, iOS etc. Choose the target very carefully to reduce your unnecessary spending.

Focus on Device Type
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Facebook Ad’s custom and Lookalike spectator:

Most of the marketers don’t know how to make use of Facebook Ad’s custom and lookalike audience feature. This feature allows you to create a group of users who will receive your app’s ad based on past trend and other criteria. Following are two ways to make use of this feature:

  • Create a custom audience of those who have downloaded and used your mobile app. Similarly, create a lookalike audience who you think can be interested in your mobile app and thus interested in your app’s ad.
  • Create a custom audience for those who have high indulgence with your app and again build a lookalike audience who are likely to become yielding users.

Create shareable content:

Shareable content means that any photo, video, story etc you post should force people to tag or share further with their families and friends. This is easy to increase engagement but yet difficult to achieve. Few types of pictures that do well on Instagram include infographics, memes, inspirational quotes and pictures with a question etc. It is a good practice to create content keeping the algorithm of Instagram in mind, following are the factors to consider for it:

  • The more likes, comments and shares you have – the better.
  • Be regular and pertinent in posting on Instagram, it favors such feeds.
  • A post seems relevant when users spent more time on it. Instagram crops up such and another relevant post high on their feed.

Influential stories:

Instagram stories are the best way to keep your app iconic and avoid flooding users with pictures. These stories have the highest engagement rate compared to any other social media platform. Try to aim at creating a creative story while telling the actual story.  Feature user-generated content, use location stickers to attract location based potential users; give the users a peep into your company.

Influential stories
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Take Away:

Instagram can play a vital role in the marketing of your mobile app because it has lots of opportunities to offer. You can drive your brand awareness, post quality video ads about your app and much more.


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