Is Email Marketing Dead?

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Is Email Marketing Dead

Understandably, some people ask themselves, “Is email marketing dead?” Because the situation in digital marketing is constantly changing. According to Statista, global email subscribers will increase from 3.9 billion in 2019 to 4.48 billion in 2024. This means that since 2021, more than half of the world’s population will use email, which suggests that this is not a negligible channel. We recommend this blog to widen your knowledge about E-Marketing.

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Email Marketing is Still Relevant Email marketing is still alive in the digital marketing market, but it’s one of the classic channels today. With 3.9 billion people worldwide, email is one of the most effective ways to reach potential consumers. 58% of people in the United States will check their email first tomorrow morning, and this is a considerable crowd among the people who contact.

More people check our email in the morning than digital networks. Moreover, despite the growth of new social platforms, millennials prefer commerce via email, and 73% like it. On the other hand, not using email marketing is a significant financial loss. Email Marketing Payback. Every penny spent on email generates $38 in revenue per the email marketing figures.

Ignoring the fact that it is a paid way of promotion, it was among the most cost-effective. When compared to social media marketing, newsletters are particularly effective. A whopping 60% of respondents have bought something after receiving a promotional email. In comparison, 12.5 percent of those surveyed would think about buying based on a promoted social media message.

Why is Email Marketing’s ROI so Much maximum?

Finally, it comes down to the consumer’s needs. Users need a promotional email to look for discount coupons in their inboxes. Customers want more content and entertainment on social media. It’s not surprising that customer relationship management and B2C companies are trying to increase their involvement in online marketing, which isn’t driving business.

What Shortcomings of Email Marketing Should Always be Overlooked?

Spam (unwanted commercial emails which are redundant), Email marketing strategy, isn’t dead, but email marketing is dead. Also, if email etiquette is inadequate, businesses are at risk of losing visitors and being considered spam senders.

What Shortcomings of Email Marketing Should Always be Overlooked

Avoid the following ineffective (and even frustrating) email marketing tools.

1. Failure to Comply with Legal Requirements

Eurozone Data Protection Act (GDPR) principles are the strictest data protection regulations globally. The GDPR is a regulation of EU countries that seeks to protect the privacy of online consumers. Even if your company is known as the United States, the rules apply if you sell to users in EU countries. 

For email marketing, the GDPR has two main rules.

  • The receiver you send the email to must provide the email sharing information.
  • The person is an established customer who has purchased or is offered a simple system to eliminate your communication.

2. Content and subject lines that become impersonal

Personalization in email is nothing new, and customers have come to expect it because most firms have widely used it. It has become possible through surveys and the details the customers fill in their accounts while using different apps. Companies also use the search histories and what the customer has viewed in recent times. Customers want to know that they are known, understood, and loved. If you are not using it, your mail chimp will fail spectacularly. Having your first name in the subject line of your email can maximize open productivity by up to 20%. Personalization also minimizes the chance of spam reports and unsubscribe rates. You’re not earning more from email marketing if you’re not optimizing it.

3. Aesthetically Repulsive Shape

Optics and design have a great influence on each other as a consumer. To explain this, 94% give up on websites with bad graphics. Remember to delete emails that many people do not respond to as well.

Content advertising is more than just copy-writing for social branding. People are easily confused and distracted by low-resolution images and messy layouts.  Unfortunately, many other companies send very good emails. So, if you need to invest in email, you can’t afford to make your design and image cheaper.

Email Performance Benchmarks Not Responding Like any other advertising medium, email has benchmarks and lessons learned, but customers and subscribers are the final deciding factors. Every time you run an email campaign; you have the option to look up your preferences. You can evaluate customer loyalty and retention based on email success criteria. However, it doesn’t help if you don’t use the data. Examine the statistics to see what works and what doesn’t. You can continue to determine the better features of the best products while adding value. A / B testing is the foremost part of your email advertising campaign. You can check the subject, email content, graphics, and subpoenas.

4. The Design is Not at All Mobile-Friendly

Mobile email responses represent 46 percent of all email opens. You’ll lose a major chunk of your clients if your communications aren’t designed for handheld phones. In recent times, almost everyone possesses a smartphone because it gives you easy access to almost everything you work on a computer. This has led to people checking their emails on their phones themselves, so if the email is mobile-friendly it is most likely to be seen by the customer. According to screening tools, users accounted for about 50 of all message clicks in June 2018. However, it can take a few seconds to get the customer’s attention. If it takes you forever to view his email, you waste your money. People want to provide fast and engaging technology solutions such as websites and email while the enterprise is always up and running.


The bottom line is that Email Marketing is dead, but it has transformed into Digital Marketing which is somewhat similar to Email Marketing but with certain changes.

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