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Key LMS Metrics That Can Make Your Online Course A Hit

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The infamous recession of 2008-09 completely wiped out the US market. The effects of the recession have not gone unnoticed, and many sectors are still struggling to bounce back. Back then before the recession hit the US market, average job creation per month was 2, 26,000. But, at present 25.7% of the total potential workers have been rendered unemployed. They are struggling on the diverse front, and looking forward to a probable solution that can help them to participate in a growing labor market force.

learning management system, an unprecedented software application system minimizes the growing hiatus between elite professionals and mediocre workers. With the help of the LMS, many workers or even students who have been left alone with respect to meeting with their academics goals can actively participate in the skill development training workshop program with a simulated interface.

Learning Management System

The main aim of the LMS is to make every worker competitive in their respective niche. At the same time, for the students, a direct insight brought forward from the market can help them in the decision making with respect to their career option. An LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs. If you are adopting the LMS as your next best way for formulating your training, these are a few of the key metrics that you can adopt in your course for its grand success.

Key LMS Metrics That Can Make Your Online Course a Hit

Course Progress or Completion

For your LMS to perform effectively,  you should have a mechanism that will track its completion rate and the level of progress met by the students and workers on each level. When you incorporate course monitoring metrics, assessment tests conducted time-to-time will give you’re the real picture of the success of the online test. From the perspective of the students and workers, if they are not put to test, it might make the course boring and most of the participants would not be hell-bent to participate in your online course. The course designers can bring value to the e-learning courses by monitoring the learning behavior of the students, and adapt according to such behaviors for making them successful.

Proficiency of the Online Learners

Proficiency of the Online Learners

For your online course to thrive and keep your bank account rolling, you will have to make it effective. You have set specific objectives for the course; it could be educating the students to pick the most relevant field as per their skills, or training the workers to adapt as per the industry demand. To achieve a comprehensive satisfactory experience from clients for your online course, you need to deploy an LMS system that can measure the success of the e-learning program. With the help of e-learning assessment, MCQs or Multiple-Choice-Questions and e-learning interactive simulations, you can add value to your e-learning course. But, you should take note of the fact that your LMS has been equipped to track, monitor and give real-time results of the impact of the course.

In this model, you can deploy the comparison metrics that can calculate the performance of the students from their previous performance.

Online Course Evaluation Rating

It is good to get attached to the hard work you have put into, but you should be willing to embrace the suggestion of the learners as well. The evaluation rating of your online course can make you understand if it is a hit or a flop. You can make it a hit by asking your online learners about the course. How do they feel about the course? Do they prefer few changes that can be made? Or would they be willing to recommend the course to their family member or co-workers? These are few valid questions that you can raise. When you conduct a survey poll, the LMS that you have used can help you understand the real feeling of those who have taken the test or have enrolled in your online learning course. This will add value to your course and help you make necessary changes accordingly.

Tracking the ROIs

LMS is not free of cost. You can certainly expect it to be affordable but never free. When you are developing and deploying your elearning content, you should analyze the return on investment. It is best to deploy a tool that will let you track the real-time data of the response of the audience. If you have found out that the number of the enrollment has picked up pace, you can consider increasing the prices of the e-learning course and make money instantly.

Custom LMS Metrics

To make your course successful, you can incorporate customized LMS metrics. When custom-oriented LMS metrics has been brought in the picture, in that case, you can be sure of the performance of the e-learning course. By the generation of the reports and charts, you can easily assess the effectiveness of your e-learning program.


For many online course providers, they are not aware if their course is on the right track or missing out on something. LMS or Learning Management Software System can give them the leverage to understand that in real-time and find out about the success of their online course. When they use an LMS, they are in a way deploying a 24X7 surveillance and monitoring solution that can help them grow and prosper.



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