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Kid’s Internet Safety – 6 Things Parents Should Do

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Nowadays, most people use electronic gadgets and the internet to perform various tasks. These are, for instance, shopping online, paying bills, and searching for information. As such, the use of the internet makes life easier. But it poses many dangers to kids if permitted to use without supervision. To safeguard kids online, use the tactics below to control their internet usage.

  1. Stay up to date with electronic devices and internet usage

You need to understand how to excellently deal with computers, phones, tablets, and the internet. Simple things like learning how to check previously visited websites, how to delete caches, and how to filter unwanted websites go a long way in safeguarding your kid online.

  1. Never allow the kid to access internet alone in a closed room

Teens need privacy to use their phones and tablets. Some use them to play games while others socialize with friends online. But, your kid can correctly do this if their iPhone is in excellent condition. In case of a cracked screen, look no further; phone screen repair Milwaukee extends excellent glass repair services. This way, your phone will function normally.

However, if your kid spends long hours online with the door closed, this should be a cause for alarm. After all, even if you ask them about their online activities, you can’t be sure if they will tell the truth.

  1. Place electronic devices in common areas

The best spot to place a computer is an open area, such as the living room. Avoid setting up such gadgets in the kid’s restroom. This way, it’s easy to monitor their online activities. Set schedules to enable each family member to use the computer. To safeguard kids online, don’t allow them to use the device unsupervised.

  1. Train your children about internet safety

Kids are likely to become responsible if trained early enough. Teach them not to share personal information online and the dangers of doing so. Also, find out who your kid communicates with and warn them about the risks of socializing with strangers. Let them know that critical information such as; their home address, school attended, when parents come home, and any other information that may compromise their online safety.

  1. Discourage personal profiles

Dissuade your kid from having a personal profile on online networking sites. Some sites such as MySpace are avenues that online predators use to access personal information online. In case the kid already has a profile, find out the photos and personal information they have posted.

  1. Restrict unwanted websites

Restraining unwanted websites is probably the best way to protect kids on the internet. If the kid is young enough to use a standard web browser, install a child-safe internet browser. By so doing, you filter dangerous websites and restrict your child from accessing pre-approved webpages. More so, attend to your kid immediately in case of any suspicious encounter online.


Most kids learn how to use electronic gadgets and the internet at an early age. Such devices are useful, but you have to beware of the many online threats.  As a parent, you have to safeguard kids online by using the above tips.



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