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Machine Learning and its impact on human

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Machine Learning and its impact on human

What is Machine Learning?

If you are a technology follower or enthusiast you have come across the term Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. You may not have realized, but you use it on a daily basis when you use the Internet. When you buy something online or search on Google. Videos recommendations on Netflix or your newsfeed recommendations on Facebook are all supported and personalized according to your taste by the help of machine learning. So machine learning is embedded in our daily lives.

Machine learning is the use of artificial intelligence that helps the system with the ability to automatically learn and improve through the experience without being overly programmed. It is the creation of computer programs that can access given data and use it to learn for its use. The only human interaction is through the creation of a machine learning program and feeding it with data and then leaving it to learn on itself.

Types Of Machine Learning

There are different types of machine learning algorithms categorized as supervised and unsupervised. Supervised machine learning algorithms are used to train new computer programs using previous data to predict future events. Unsupervised machine learning algorithms are applied when the information used to teach the algorithm is new and have never been used previously. The systems learn and explore the data to train itself.

How is Machine Learning Everywhere?

In our daily lives and activities like working, exercising, shopping, reading, and interacting with the outside world there are made simpler by using machine learning making the data based on our personal decisions.

One good example is by email providers. Machine learning helps filter spam email from your email. In a day a person would be bombarded with thousands of spam emails. The email provider has a program that distinguishes between the right email and a spam email.

Have you ever searched a product online and then advertisements start flooding? That’s the work of machine learning. The program learns what you would want and like to buy and then recommends places to buy. Thus it has made online shopping simpler to choose products you would like to buy rather than searching through a million listings when you require to purchase something.

On our roads, some cars are using semi-autonomous self-driving technology to maneuver around. The Tesla cars are an excellent example of using the self-driving technology powered by machine learning and Lidar system to make it easy for drivers to drive and self. Full self-driving trucks will be on our roads. It will help our drivers avoid accidents and be less exhausted while they are on the road.

Each day there is a vast amount of news to read or watch on videos. Due to the limited time, we can spend online, Facebook or Youtube have created machine learning programs to learn our news preference and pattern. Continuously we can access news that are personalized to our choices.

There are millions of series and movies on Netflix. You can spend many years to go through the listing and watching them. Though through their questions and machine learning algorithms they recommend the right movies for you to view making the experience better for you.

In our industries and warehouses, autonomation has been adopted to make work easier for workers doing heavy manual tasks. Using machine learning the repetitive tasks can be done by robots to carry and lift heavy loads. Thus humans injuries are reduced, and they can do better and creative assignments.

Will Machine Replace Humans?

The adoption of Machine Learning is happening fast. It is being used and tried in all types of industries. Not only in technology firms like Microsoft but also in Oil and manufacturing fields. Machine learning is helping ease the amount of work and eliminates humans to do repetitive tasks even at home. Thus humans are worried that Machine Learning is coming for our jobs and replace humans. It is dreaded that machine learning might create inequality and unemployment crisis in the World.

During the time when industrialization was happening humans thought that all the jobs that humans would do would be replaced by machines. Nonetheless, humans were replaced by robots like tractors in the field and sewing machines in the cloth industry. In the process, there was new job creation by the people who used to operate and maintain the tools.

In the mining industry, some driverless trains and bulldozers carry the heavy loads. In agriculture, humans do not have to spend the whole day under the scorching sun to harvest while the machines do the work efficiently. ATMs were termed to replace human tellers. The ATMs did the opposite by creating more jobs through more branch opening; thus more customers cause they could access their money 24/7. More tellers were needed to do more complex work rather than dispensing cash.

New Industries

So how do the above illustrations relate to Machine learning replacing humans? Machine learning will create new industries. The Artificial Intelligence sector is in high demand. It is the fastest growing industry, and there are less experienced employees to fill this industry. As more people access the internet, more people are required to create programs to provide services for the population.

Machine Learning is good at repetitive tasks but not on emotional intelligence. An algorithm can consume all the psychology data, but it cannot diagnose a person with a mental health condition. Through face interaction, only a human can be able to diagnose the root of the problem.

Through facial recognition, Machine Learning can identify a wrongdoer though law enforcement is needed to capture the person and take them to court. Thus Machine learning will help us in making our work easier but, it will not replace us from our jobs.

Automation is Good

Automation of repetitive tasks will help humans to be more productive in essential jobs. Humans will be able to work less and be paid more. They can enjoy life and raise their families. The work will be less tedious and tiring thus more energy to relax and read and do other important tasks.


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