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Make Your Site At Home: What to Know Before Selecting a Web Host.

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Most web hosting companies promise to provide excellent services along with unending resources. It becomes very difficult to select a perfect web host company out of so many companies providing you with such amazing offers.

What is a Web Host?

A web hosting service is an internet service, which allows people to make their website available on the World Wide Web. The host company should have a good uptime and should be completely reliable. Most hosting companies offer an uptime of 99.9%. Single page hosting is generally sufficient for personal web pages while a complex site calls for many more features and services. Generally website hosting, which is carried out personally is free and inexpensive.

Web hosting can be of different types. Following are few types of web hosting:

  • Free web hosting where different companies offer hosting services but only to a limited extent
  • Shared web hosting where one’s site is placed on the same server as many other sites
  • Clustered hosting where the same site is placed on different servers to allow better utilization
  • Grid hosting where server cluster acts like a grid with several nodes.

Web hosting has many more types like image and video hosting, blog hosting, paste bin, etc.

Aspects you need to consider before opting for a web hosting service

  • You need to look into the company’s area of expertise, the area they specialize in. The company should be able to fulfill all the needs of your site.
  • You need to look into the features the web hosting company provides you, for example, you need to check if they are providing you with ample memory space.
  • Tech support is one of the most important aspects. You need to be sure that the web hosting company will provide you with the appropriate help in case of a technical glitch.
  • You can also check if the company offers you any special features, which make the association with this company beneficial. Many companies offer additional features such as regular data back-ups or free domain privacy.
  • You may also research on the type of machines used by your company. You need to be sure that the machines used by your company are up-to-date so that the services offered by them are efficient.
  • You can do an internet search on your company or can check their reviews over social media so that you are sure about the type of services offered by them to their customers.
  • You need to look into and ask about the web hosting company’s spam solutions and email practices because emails are still very much important for conversations.
  • The web hosting company you select must fulfill your future demands and needs that is it should be in the process of constant growth and development. It should not remain static.
  • There are certain things which you should know even if you are not a tech person. You cannot keep pestering the web hosting company for everything. The things which you should know are installing WordPress, setting up email, setting up FTP accounts, etc.

Things which you should avoid

  • Blindly select a hosting company on the basis of low price. Price forms a major part of the basis on which a web hosting company is selected but if you select a company only because it charges you less money. You will be at a loss in the long run.
  • Not looking into the features offered by the company. It is extremely necessary that the company offers you some essential features like adequate memory space.
  • Selecting a company which has an inefficient tech support should be avoided at all costs since your site can face a problem at any time. If the tech support offered is not up to the mark then you might face a lot of problems.
  • Selecting a hosting company which cannot solve your spam problems should also be avoided.
  • The company you choose should not be a static one and this means that the company should be expandable so that it can fulfill your future needs and demands.
  • The hardware used by the company you have chosen should not be old and out of date.

You should keep above points under consideration when you are planning to buy a web hosting services. Make sure the service provider selected by you is reliable, efficient and able to fulfill all your demands.


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