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Microsoft is now spying on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users as well.

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After the launching of Microsoft new operating system windows 10, It has been criticized and raised concerned by many users and experts about its privacy. Beside that Microsoft is now spying on the PC’s running on Windows 7 and Windows 8 without the user consent. Microsoft has released an update named KB3075249 and KB3080149 which will send the users data without their permission.

So, if your PC is currently running on these versions of Windows, Be sure that you have verified that these updates are not installed on your PC without your Consent. If the PC’s is running to install updates automatically than probably these updates will installed on your PC silently.

What are these updates about?

KB3075249 – This update adds telemetry points to the User Account Control (UAC) feature to collect information on elevations that come from low integrity levels.

KB3080149 – This package updates the Diagnostics and Telemetry tracking service to existing devices. This service provides benefits from the latest version of Windows to systems that have not yet upgraded. The update also supports applications that are subscribed to Visual Studio Application Insights.

If you have set your PC to install updates manually than it is highly recommend that you check these updates and make sure that you have allow it to install. Users who are very sensitive to their privacy have mentioned that there are more updates which has been released by Microsoft to track the user data in windows 7 and windows 8/8.1. So, if you are cautious about your privacy than you have to aware of these following updates mentioned below as well:

KB2876229 for SKYPE

KB2923545 RDP





KB3068708 Telemetry




KB2952664 x2




KB3022345 Replaced by KB3068708 Telemetry

KB3022345 Caused false sfc result When you run it.

KB2545698 (IE9)


Here in this article I will show you how you can check these updates and how you can uninstall it. You can use these simple steps to check and uninstall the updates.

Open Installed Updates by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then, under Programs and Features, clicking View installed updates.

  1. Click the update that you want to remove, and then click Uninstall.  If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  2. If you not found these updates in current time frame than you can select the date range from the little drop-down selector on the “Installed On” column to select only the updates that were installed on a particular date or range, which can be really helpful in identifying the problem.

However if you want to install these updates and don’t have any problem to share your data than you can bypass these steps and allow them to install. It is completely unclear for now that Why Microsoft want to spy user’s data without their concerns. So, It is highly recommend for privacy concern users to stay away from these updates to make sure that they are not spying you. If you have any thoughts regarding this, just shoot a comment below and we love to hear it from you.

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