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Mobile Phones Haven’t Replaced Traditional Office Equipment

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Mobile Phones Haven't Replaced Traditional Office Equipment
​photo courtesy of Flickr, under creative commons license

There was a time, not that long ago, when the idea of having a cell phone seemed like an extravagant one, reserved for the very rich and important. Now, cell phones are not only ubiquitous, they house nearly the entirety of human knowledge at your fingertips. It seems almost unfathomable to have a phone now-a-days that isn’t mobile and basically a small supercomputer.

However, when you run a business, you might find that the latest, greatest android phone is immensely cool, and even with its latest content player it has powerful office capabilities, but still doesn’t provide for all of your office needs. Yes, it often seems like wired, desktop phone systems have gone the way of the dinosaur, but they still provide necessary services.

Of course the modern office requires computers, internet, and phones, which seems exactly like what your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is, right? Well, yes, but in order to be efficient and operate with the ease needed in an office environment, a conventional phone system, albeit advanced and sophisticated is necessary.

For one, it is important that an office has room to room communications, where callers can be placed on hold and screened. This might require an announcement over an in-office speaker or an intercom, but this simple feature requires a reliable and effective method of handling such normal interactions.

An office often requires that multiple lines be in use simultaneously. This is too much for even the most advanced cell phones. But business phones can handle these tasks with ease. And your office doesn’t have to deal with expensive installations or cost prohibitive equipment. The shift to mobile phones has pushed the price of sophisticated office phones to a point where even the most modest office can afford a top notch system.

Conventional office phones are no longer tethered to old systems, either. Innovations like VoIP and wireless networked printers combine the best of both worlds. The modern digital world meets the classic convenience and familiarity of office equipment. With VoIP you can call over your internet connection but use your office phone for convenience. This allows you to make international calls and video conferencing without the enormous bills that used to come standard with such applications. And you no longer must tether your printer to your computer cables. All they need is power and wifi, so you can place your printer where it is needed instead of where the wires need it.

Yes, the world of technology is amazing and it has created a mobile world where we carry our phones and the internet everywhere we go. But this doesn’t mean that your office should completely abandon the systems and equipment that you’re used to. It just means that the equipment has become more powerful and versatile.

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