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More Speed and Security with HostGator’s Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed WordPress Hosting

In the digitalized world of today, having a website has become very important to individuals, businesses, and organizations. This is because your website serves as a major link with the outside world; clients, customers, fans and critics all keep in touch through your website. As such, your website always needs to be accessible and responsive. This is because a very responsive website will increase your followership and business prospects, while an unresponsive one will do otherwise.

This brings in the importance of quality web hosting. Web hosting is an Internet hosting service that enables website owners to make their site accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide this service. This, they do by providing space on a server, for use by clients. This space can either be bought or leased by the clients. Web hosts offer other services such as providing internet connectivity and colocation services.

The web hosting services provided varies from one web host to the other. The kind of services provided by the web host goes a long way in determining the accessibility of the website by visitors. For the website owner, these services guarantee security of data and also protection from viruses. Only a good web host would provide all of these services, it is therefore necessary to choose a web host carefully.

HostGator is a web host company that was established by Brent Oxley in 2002, hosting over 9 million as at 2013, HostGator is one of the world biggest web host companies. In 2015, HostGator launched its WordPress managed hosting service. This hosting service is known as HostGator’s Managed WordPress Hosting service, also HostGator’s WordPress Cloud Hosting.

HostGator’s Managed WordPress Hosting service is used by WordPress sites; which amounts to about 25 percent of all sites worldwide. This web host is focused on WordPress optimization and has proven to be a very effective host. WordPress Hosting Review according to Hosting Facts had an uptime of 99% in the last year; and also averaged a speed of 504ms. This means a guaranteed availability of WordPress websites; that at a very high speed.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

The great features of HostGator’s Managed WordPress Hosting have made it one of the best web hosts around. These features work together to give the website great speed, with the security of information also guaranteed. HostGator’s WordPress Hosting is based on a WordPress hosting service which is designed for WordPress users, the users of the web host have their servers hosted in the cloud which ensures speed and high performance. This service is based on traffic, it is thereby designed so users can choose different plans based on the traffic they expect.

HostGator’s Managed WordPress Hosting has the caching feature, which increases the speed at which the website is loaded. Files, images and web pages that have been cached do not need to be loaded again, and as such increases the speed of loading the website. Also, the server on which a website hosted on the HostGator’s Managed WordPress Hosting, is tweaked to run specifically for WordPress sites, this helps to shave off about two seconds of page loading time, which is quite a lot according to statistics.

The web host is also big on security, as it is highly sophisticated, therefore making it hard for any website hosted on it to crash. For the protection of website data, HostGator uses CodeGuard for daily backup. This feature adds to the speed of the website, as it saves time on day-to-day maintenance. It also eases disaster recovery and maintains redundancy on the website. HostGator provides SiteLock as part of its services; this ensures protection against viruses and hacking. SiteLock conducts scans of the website on a daily basis, alerting you to potential hacking events, malware, and viruses. SiteLock takes proactive steps to protect your sites such as preventing distributed denial-of-service.

HostGator’s Managed WordPress Hosting provides a number of other features which improves the overall usability of your website. These include the simplicity of the platform. HostGator’s Managed WordPress has a very simplified dashboard which makes it easy for beginners and experienced users alike to create and manage their websites.  This web host also ensures that your website will automatically update itself, the WordPress versions, HostGator server, and plug-in, all stay up to date. HostGator’s Managed WordPress also provides a free migration service, which allows a user to easily transfer a website from another hosting service to HostGator’s Managed WordPress without any cost. In addition, it has a global Content Delivery Network (CDN); a network which stores large images and files from around the globe to facilitate easy downloads.

HostGator’s Managed WordPress service is very easy to sign up for, with a 45-day refund policy. The pricing model for the service takes a three tier approach; this to caters for users of different traffic needs. The first is the starter plan which allows just one site. At $5.95 per month, it allows for 100,000 views per month and provides one gigabyte of back up for databases. The second plan, standard plan, allows two sites with a maximum of 200,000 views per month with two gigabytes provided for backup, coming at $7.95 per month. The last plan, which is the business plan allows three sites, 500,000 visits per month, and provides three gigabytes at $9.95 per month. All of these plans come on a contract basis of thirty-six months, which can easily be renewed.

The web host has a support-portal, providing phone and live chat support around the clock, ensuring that users have any difficulties encountered resolved. The support portal is made up of a team of WordPress experts who are adept at solving website problems.


Although, the web host has some shortcomings such as the lack of free domains and high price, it makes up for this with its high speed, simplified dashboard, adequate security among other benefits. Overall, HostGator’s Managed WordPress Hosting is a very reliable web host, one which every WordPress site should run on.


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