Nine essential android application made by Google

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Nine essential android application made by Google

Android applications play a very important role in today’s Smartphone era. That’s why developers are constantly publishing applications on the Google Play store. But you might be surprised to know that the founder of Android Google is not far behind in this competition. Google is constantly working to give Android users the gift of beautiful applications. Currently, many applications made by Google’s developer are already in play store. But, many of us are not familiar with these applications. In this post, we will introduce you to some great applications made by Google that may be of great value to you.


Measure is a wonderful application made by Google. The application allows you to measure anything around you. That’s means; you can measure the length and breadth of any type of table, chair, sofa or door, window in your home. The application works like a tape. Measurement of the application is perfect, which means it is able to accurately calculate the quantity of any object. But note that to use this app; you need to have Google AR core support on your phone.

Files by Google

Another great application made by Google is Files by Google. Files by Google is a very unique application that every Android user should have. Features that are in the app will definitely impress you. The application will allow you to complete many small tasks on your phone.  You can remove old photos and memes from the phone’s chat app on just a few taps. You can also remove duplicate files and delete unused applications. Storage cache will be easily removed with the application. With this application, you can easily share pictures, videos or other documents that you have on your phone with others nearby. Don’t charge you for sharing files so fast. It’s done all of these tasks without the internet so mobile data is not spent.

Bolo: Learn to read with Google

This application is made by Google for primary grade children only. The application was developed to enhance the reading skills of young children so that he do not face any problem in higher education. This application is very effective for enhancing the reading skills of children from an early age. The application contains more than 50 Hindi stories and more than 40 English stories. Besides, there are different stories in different languages ​​prevalent in India. It also attracts children through various word games. By allowing multiple children to use the same application, they will be able to track their progress separately.

Google Find My Device

Google’s Find My Devices app is an essential app for smartphones. From the name of the application, you may be guess about its features.. This application will help to trace the location of the phone if a person loses his / her smartphone. Besides, if a smartphone is stolen or lost, it will be possible to delete all the data on the phone using this application. However, the application must be installed on the phone and must be connected through your Gmail account.

YouTube VR

YouTube VR is a great application made by Google. The YouTube VR app allows you to easily watch 360 video and virtual reality content. However, this app is designed to work well with the Daydream View headset. YouTube VR app is not available to people from all countries.  Available only for residents in Canada, Germany, united Kingdom, and united states. Besides, it is only available for Android 7.1+ users.

Personal Safety

One of the best apps made by Google. You will be surprised when you know the application’s functionality. This application, which is made by Google, provides personal protection, which means ‘car crash detection’ . If you encounter an accident for some reason, the application will call the emergency service number after the car crash detection. After the accident, the application is playing at high volume, in case no response is received, the application will automatically call the number which is an emergency number. However, this application will not work on all types of smartphones. Only Google Pixel users will be able to use this application. The application makes an emergency call after detecting an accident using various sensors in the Google Pixel. But unfortunately, the application was not designed for use in India. Only US residents will be able to take advantage of this application.

Android TV Remote Control

Android TV Remote Control application is a great application. It is very easy to control a TV with this application. This application allows you to convert your phone to remote. You can play games on Android TV by turning your smartphone into a remote control. Also, you can input voice search or text on Android TV through this application.

Google Family Link for Parents

Google Family Link application is designed for parents only. Because this application allows any parent to monitor their child’s mobile usage. Each parent will use this application to know what application their child is using and how long time spent his child in these applications. It also can control the application that the child used.

Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards application allows you to earn online from Google. With the application, you can earn money from Google by completing various surveys. However, the application is only available for use in some countries. People from around 22 countries around the world can use this application including India. The application is available on both Android and US platforms.

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