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Online marketing trends for the brands in 2015.

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Online marketing has become a very crucial and absolute part of any holistic marketing or media strategy. One cannot imagine a strategy without proper plans for online and digital marketing in today’s modern world. For a consumer brand, which operates on a business to consumer model, online marketing becomes an even more lucrative and highly strategic avenue. From a time where nothing really was spent on digital marketing, which was just a couple of years back till today, we see organizations using 10 to 15% of their marketing budget on digital and internet marketing. This also includes hard working content and visuals to use as marketing communications on the internet.

Unlike conventional media, digital and internet media is extremely fast and can produce as well as give results in a very timely manner. One can know how many people viewed your campaign to the percentage of sales increase due to internet marketing. Everything can be accounted for when it comes to internet marketing today. With the growth in social media platforms and evolution of Google advertising, online marketing will surely see a rising trend in the near future because the internet penetration is also expected to double. Today’s blog is going to be talking about trends in the internet and online marketing for brands in 2015.

Significant expenditure on mobile

The penetration and access to the internet through mobile is growing with a rapid rate. According to the latest statistics published by the digital marketing survey, the internet penetration and usage in or through mobile has taken over the internet usage and penetration on computers. This means if you are planning to access your users and get personal with them, you will have to shift a significant budget of your internet marketing to the mobile side of it. This is a very important new development which we have seen over the course of 2014 and now 2015.

The importance of video based content

Content was already so important for a strong strategic marketing on the internet, now the value of the content which is video based will be even much higher. In 2015, we did already so many brands working towards developing strong emotional video based content for the users to share. The advantage of video content is that there are high chances of it getting viral if you touch the right chords of your target audience. Video based content can be smartly executed with a combination of emotional and functional appeal.

More digital avenues

Now the internet marketing is not just related to Google Displays and social media. It is now gone far more beyond that. Using messengers like Skype for advertisements and Snapchat for strong communications are some of the avenues marketers can explore for their internet marketing.

Improved data

With the use of various modeling and measuring tools, internet marketing has and will become more meaningful, reliable as well as able to produce real-time results helping you to quickly shift and change your strategies. In 2015, we have already seen the rise of new management and advertisement measuring tools for internet marketing.

Author Bio

Rosy Mark is the author of this blog post. Rosy works for a digital agency firm at Dissertation House as the digital lead on foreign accounts. Her likeness and passion for the online world brings her to post blogs on the website and also social media. Online marketing has become a very crucial and absolute part of any holistic marketing or media strategy.


  1. Kishor Kumar Reply

    Online marketing has become a huge platform now, especially after every other person has a smartphone with internet access. Not only small but large brands are resorting to online marketing.

  2. Sheraz Khan Baloch Reply

    Good one post but however main problem is that comparing 2015, lot of things have been ended in 2016 internet marketing.

  3. Johny Thomas Reply

    I can see that you are a professional at your field! I am releasing a web page soon, and your details will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and hoping you all the achievements in your company.

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