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Online Slot Facts that will Blow your Mind

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Online Slot Facts that will Blow your Mind

Slot games, both traditional casino style and online slots are very familiar to us, but they both hold secrets that are not particularly well known. These facts have been known to increase our love for the game when you are clicking here for and encourage us to play more when we actually know what goes on behind what we think we know.

Where Did Fruit Slots Get Their Name?

Fruit slots got their name originally from the prizes that they were able to give out to their players. As they were an entertainment style to help distract people from the boredom of long queues in specific surroundings like in shops or barbers, for example, they were not betting machines. Instead, they awarded the winners with sweets or bubblegum and were classified as vending machines as opposed to a method of gambling.  This also helped them to avoid the ban on gambling that many of the different States in the US held.  As the different fruits on the machine aligned, the winning fruit would show you the flavor of sweet or bubblegum that you would win.  This would excite players and give them something to aim for. Though sweets are not won today, the tradition of using fruit as symbols on slot machines still continues.

Popular Slot Cheating Method

One of the most popular ways in which casino slots could be cheated was through the method known as “coin on a string”.  This was when a small hole was made in a coin and thin cotton was attached to the coin which meant that the coin could be pulled in and out of the slot machine. The coin was inserted into the slot machine, left to trigger the mechanism so that the machine knew that it had had money inserted and then the coin was pulled back out of the machine. This meant that immoral players could play for hours and potentially win thousands without spending any money at all. It was quickly realized what these players were doing though and the casinos tightened their security measures fast as to prevent themselves from going bust from such scams.

Biggest Jackpot Slots

Mega Moolah has been a popular online slot for the best part of two decades and there are many variations of the game.  It increased its popularity quickly when it took the world record of the highest paying jackpot win and continues to pay out in big figures.  Currently, the fifth, fourth, third and first positions in the jackpot win charts are all linked to Mega Moolah wins.  First position was won by a 26-year-old, British soldier, Jon Heywood, who won an incredible £13 million.  He may have been excited to spend his winnings on cars, houses and holidays, but think what you could do with all of this money if you were to be the next lucky winner!  This is the reason why Mega Moolah has become the most played jackpot slot and always sits at the top of the SlotRank charts.

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