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Online Slot Jackpots

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Online Slot Jackpots

Online slot games give players a thrill like nothing else. The suspense of waiting for the reels to stop spinning and anxiously waiting for a winning combination creates a feeling of pure adrenaline. Even when players don’t win, the act of actually playing slots is still extremely enjoyable. The high quality graphics and detailed plots make the journey along the way just as fun as most video games. Yet whilst playing online slots that payout small amounts of money are great, there are some slots that give the opportunity to win incredible, life-changing sums. Referred to as Jackpot slots, it’s not hard to understand the desire to play, but let’s find out more now and understand exactly what are online slot jackpots.

What’s Different?

So an easy way to understand what exactly online slot jackpots are is to understand what’s different about them from standard slot games. First of all, there are bigger prizes! Whilst slots normally have maximum prize limits of up to several hundred pounds, perhaps even thousands; jackpots can increase up to millions of pounds. That’s right, just a simple one stake bet has the potential to pay out millions and change a players life forever. You can now appreciate the huge appeal jackpots have over normal slots. Online jackpot slots are often also more exciting that your run of the mill slot game. Whilst games can include varying paylines and reel styles, the aim of the game is normally the same with players needing to score winning combinations of symbols to be rewarded. Jackpots can work slightly differently and actually offer more complex formats like bonus rounds. These work by players unlocking higher levels through achieving certain scores or symbols in standard play. Then once this happens, they have the chance to play a bonus round at higher stakes with higher rewards.  The higher levels are also normally more of a game style format and involve testing certain skills. For example a Wild West themed slot may have a shooting style higher level that tests a players aim. Not only is this more exciting as people can play exclusive games that reward ability, but also have the opportunity to win much more money.  

Online Fixed Jackpots

Fixed online jackpots are commonly referred to as cash pot jackpots. They will reward a certain amount of money every time they are triggered, regardless of the game or amount played. The winnings therefore remain the same and so offer the possibility of players winning a jackpot amount consecutively (rare but possible). 

Online Progressive Jackpots

If you thought online fixed jackpots sound great then wait until you hear about the progressive types. These have no upper limit and so offer the most out of any style online slot game. Every players stake contributes to the prize and so the jackpot continues to grow.  These progressive slots also differ in that they connect multiple machines together. So rather than contributions from one single machine, the jackpot is larger than ever before.

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