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Perkspotting A Discount Sharing App

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Perkspotting A Discount Sharing App

We all Love discounts didn’t we.  There are thousands of apps and sites are available where you find discount coupon codes and links. This is the usual thing that we do online. In this post, we are going to tell about a site which works as discount sharing app. This is brand new concept and we going to tell you everything about that. Before we jump into this, let me first introduce about this app.


Perkspotting is a UK based company headquartered in London that offers peer to peer discounts. It is a  place where people not only swap discounts and save money, but also discuss and get help about the products that they want to buy from the true insiders and ambassadors. It is a great opportunity for those who are looking for an entirely new concept of shopping and networking.

How Perkspotting was born, the Story

When Marta Blocka, founder and CEO of Perkspotting, worked for Apple, Tommy Hilfiger, CK, and Patagonia, for over 10 years, she has discovered a viral and repeating trend: discount swapping.

She and her colleagues with access to employee discounts on products (17% off on Apple, 40% off on TH and CK or 60% off on Patagonia) shared them with their network of friends.

The problem was: either all her friends had Apple products already, or she couldn’t use all her benefits to the fullest. So she swapped her discounts with friends from other companies, and this enabled her to shop for things she wanted in exchange for a discount she wasn’t using. A win-win situation, but still only limited to her network of friends.

10 years ago it would not be possible to reach out to a broader network of peers, but now, when sharing economy become so popular and companies like Airbnb and Uber broke the ice, she has decided to introduce this trend in the retail sector.

Investing her life savings and completing seed round among business angels and friends, she quit her job and moved to Warsaw, where she researched and developed the concept together with Maciek Bielicki (COO) and Adam Kozlowski (CTO). Together they build the prototype and in less than 2 months over 500 people signed up to the platform sharing their available discounts with other users!

Marta, Maciej, and Adam are now developing Perkspotting 1.0 which will introduce many cool new features and are planning to launch in Spring 2019.

How the Perkspotting app works?

Perkspotting works in 3 simple steps:

  • Discover
  • Connect
  • Exchange

Just discover the unique discounts and offers near you. You can browse listing for searching your ideal offers.

Just send a direct message to peer or the discount owners directly. You can also connect with them through live chat sessions and ask them for recommendations or discuss about the products.

Meet the person in a place of your choice. Bring the products with yourself swap and enjoy the discounts or offer a coffee together.

This is a great way to do good relationship and increase your networking by swapping discounts and products. Perkspotting has really changed the way of sharing discounts.

You can also add your brand to their list by just sending an email to them. A representative will soon contact you with more details.


Perkspotting offers free account sign ups. It has two membership options. Free and Premium (1.99 EUR Per Year)

Premium account gives you more user access. You can send unlimited messages and contact anyone at anytime. The free account is limited for first 5000 users.

Membership charges are very affordable and I highly recommend you to opt for their premium account membership.

Perkspotting is highly reliable and trusted network. Company takes some practical measure to safeguard the community standards and prevent fraudulent activities.


Perkspotting expand your professional networks, allow you to access authentic product reviews and connect with people from companies you love.  It is also a great place to ask professional experts for Genuine and first hand advice to ensure you are always getting the best products.

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