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Push Notifications In Android Applications

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The average smartphone user spends approximately 2 hours on browsing the application. In this case, we can observe a constantly growing tendency – not only that time is constantly increasing, but the recipient also downloads more and more applications. However, keep in mind that you often forget about them or delete them shortly after downloading. The solution to this problem are, among others, push notifications (Android). To get FREE PUSH NOTIFICATION SERVICE, you can visit

What are push notifications – Android

Push notifications are short messages displayed on the smartphone screen. They have the task of engaging recipients. They may refer to new products in the offer, promotions in the online store or special offers. Very often they are used to notify readers about new blog entries. The condition for receiving messages is the user’s consent – with one click of the recipient we can build a specific database. Push notifications (Android) have a big advantage over newsletters, it does not require confirmation of adding to the list of subscribers.

Push messages (Android) help to save abandoned shopping baskets and increase traffic in the application. Although the message is one-sided, they build lasting relationships with users. The condition is to match the content to a given segment of users. What other benefits do push offers offer? Android is a very popular operating system. It allows downloading the majority of applications, however statistically 90% of them are deleted by the user within six months. Short push messages (Android) are designed to stop the recipient. However, they should be meaningful and personalized.

Communication support tool

Push messages (Android) have been a sensation among marketers for some time now. Does this mean that in the near future they will displace other marketing communication channels, such as e-mail and SMS? Absolutely not!

Undoubtedly, push notifications are an ideal complement to communication. Android is the most popular operating system in the world – within the browsers it is possible to send messages that help to achieve sales and image goals. We can achieve synergy, skillfully implementing SMS, e-mail marketing and just push messages.

Android is located in 88% of smartphones. It offers many free applications, which further encourages users to download them. However, you can see that users download applications and immediately delete them after reviewing. What can this result from? Recipients are still looking for not only ideal solutions to their needs, but also … incentives to leave them. Push messages are one of the ways to stop users. Android has other advantages, most of all it is very accessible to a wide audience.

Push messages – Android

From year to year, interest in mobile applications is growing, which at the same time gives the possibility to customize Android push notifications (so-called application pushes) to the needs of each user. Considering that music and entertainment are the most popular categories in Google Play, we can precisely customize the message for each segment.

By tracking the history of downloads, we can easily determine the target – the person who downloads mobile applications related to health, will be more interested in sports than, for example, finances. This creates a huge opportunity for brands that send push messages.

Android offers two ways to send messages – through applications and from the browser level on Android phones. This last service is offered by PushAd, supporting notifications in mobile browsers of Chrome and Firefox.

Push Notifications In Android Applications

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