Reasons behind the failures of Google Glass

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Reasons behind the failures of Google Glass

After dominating the digital world, Google made an attempt to become the pioneer in tech gadgets in 2013. However, this adventure of Google didn’t pay as much as Google wanted. Nevertheless, Google Glass did make a statement back in 2013 and 14. With this gadget, Google took a bold step by taking the world further into the digital and information age. Google glass was a magnificent idea however people believe that the execution and the development of the gadget weren’t that great which is required to make it successful. However, in the end, Google Glass failed to touch the hearts of the world that is why it is considered to be the biggest failure of Google as a brand.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to discuss the reasons for the failure of the Google Glass and how a corporation like Google failed with one of the most technologically advanced gadgets.

Safety and Health Concerns:

When Google announced to launch its tech gadget Google Glass, the first question that analyst and reporters raised was how safe Google Glass is for regular use. The reason why people were worried about its health consequences is the carcinogenic radiation that continuously emits from the glass so close to the head. However, smartphones also emit harmful radiations, but it doesn’t remain in contact with the skin all the time.

Privacy and Piracy Concerns:

The privacy and piracy have become one of the biggest concerns of the world. Nowadays, due to extreme socializing, the privacy of people are on the stakes and criminals are using it against the people for blackmailing. The Google Glass has a built-in camera which can record hi-res videos and images. This means anyone wearing Google Glass can take your photo without doing anything suspicious and can use it without you.

Moreover, it wasn’t good for the movies and cinemas. There were many incidents reported when cinemas kicked out some people from the theatres because of wearing Google Glass. Not only in the cinemas, but Google Glass was also get banned in the casinos where people doesn’t like to get recorded with the camera. The intentions of Google was not like the people started using the built-in camera of Google Glass but however, it made much easier for the people to violate privacy and piracy policies.

Aesthetically Unattractive:

A smart tech device mounted on the glasses may sound attractive to the people. But the final product wasn’t seemed to be attractive enough as people were expecting. Google was sure that they had launched best product aesthetically, but people were still confused, and people start considering it as the prototype of the actual stage. Not only it looked unnatural, but it is also not a good idea to wear it in nights on the street because it was too much expensive.

Little Progress:

Instead of the disastrous launch of Google Glass, the Google didn’t make any effort to increase its product. This increased the confusion in the people about the stage of the Google Glass that is it a final product from the Google or the prototype. Moreover, many people claimed that the glass stopped working in between the main events which caused great anger in the buyers of the Google Glass.

As an alternative, Google started doing market it instead of improving the model by taking the help of skydivers and featuring it in the fashion shows. This attempt of the Google destroyed the personality of the product and people started taking it as a fashion accessory.

Not solving any problem:

The thing which makes any tech innovation successful is its problem-solving ability. If your product is solving any problem, then people would love it. But in the case of Google Glass, it wasn’t solving any problem for the people. Instead of this, Google Glass was creating the problems like privacy and piracy concerns. Google was expecting to create the craze by using the features of the product which weren’t the brightest idea and it failed.

The Google Glass had only two basic features. One is capturing images and second is to provide information at just a glance. Both of these features are not new, and there are many other gadgets which are providing such features. The only new thing is that these features are mounted on a creepy glass.

Being a Master and a visiting teacher at the Bradford University, Irene Prater is a very enthusiastic and tech geek person who not only like to indulge the tech into education by providing the online assignment service but also like to educate the people about latest tech.

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