Retain Traffic on Your Website Though Responsive Website Design

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Retain Traffic on Your Website Though Responsive Website Design

Digital marketing depends a lot on the design of the website for which you are doing the marketing. Ultimately the goal of the marketer is to target users who are using the various resources available on the internet in many ways to show them the website, the business or product or the cause. Ultimately it’s the website which has to look good, operate better, and create an impression in the mind of the user for great user experience and interface.

Retention of traffic on the website

It’s most important to retain traffic on the site that you are marketing for. When traffic is driven to a site due to successful internet marketing, then the next step that is important is retention of that traffic. There is no use of that traffic, where users look at the landing page and immediately closes that page or discards that site for another similar site.

In that case, this traffic that reached the page becomes just an amount or number, and in reality is not of any use. Hence, as the internet marketer, one must be sure first that the website which is being marketed for, is good enough to retain the visitors who are coming to it through marketing. Else, one may come to the site, but would not stay, explore or make a purchase or subscribe to services, etc., and the traffic to the site would become useless and nonproductive. Therefore the entire internet marketing may soon become a waste of money and time.

Role of the website landing page

The role of the website’s landing page is immense in the whole story. The landing page is the first attraction users get attracted to. If the user comes to the landing page and finds it fascinating in every way, then the user would take more time to read, explore, operate, navigate, and take an interest in the cause or product. Else the user won’t waste time here. There is some great turn on, and turn offs for users, which must be taken into account when the landing page gets designed.

The landing page must have a responsive design first of all

The landing page of the website must have such a design, which is appealing. And here one thing is vital. It’s not just appealing that matters, but how the page unfolds or opens before a user on just any sized device or screen, matters too. These days, the internet is everywhere in all devices. Therefore websites get browsed from many devices of different screen sizes and resolutions. Hence, it’s much important that the landing page has a good design and also adapts to any sized screen with any resolution.

Now just the landing page individually cannot get that way designed. As many scripts and programs run to make the page design adaptive to any screen size and resolution, hence this must better be applied to the whole site. And that is why the emergence of the responsive website designing.

Responsive design

The word responsive came from the response. When a website landing page and all other pages accessed, gets oriented the right way as per the screen size, and displays page contents and elements in a very easy to see and easy to navigate way, and also adapts aptly to the user screen resolution and size for the best possible display without cutting the corners, then that is called a responsive website design. The response of the website to the screen type, which is governed by the use of tools and programs, makes the site one of a kind. And it’s much important that the site is designed that way for the best user experience.

Users who are surfing must find the site welcoming in this way, to feel comfortable while browsing it from any device anywhere. There are some features which must be present in good responsive website design. And viewers do gauge a site based on such things in just a few seconds of loading of the site. That’s why these things also must be taken into consideration seriously while the designing of the site is done.

Slow loading sites have no place in today’s web world

Today’s users are busy, impatient, and always curious to find out what’s next. Hence a slow loading site has no place in their favorites. If a site has to make an impression in one go, then it must be the loading speed of the site. Even a feeble internet connection also must not make the user wait for minutes to get the site loaded. It’s much important that with a good design, the loading speed also is impressive. In advanced countries, where people use the best internet speed, the loading speed is preferred to be a few split seconds.

User experience

This is the next most important thing. The user experience of the users must be fluid and smooth with the site. Operation, navigation, using forms and calculators, loading pictures, slideshows and videos, everything must be so smooth, so that the site operates without any hiccups. And when this kind of user experience is attained by a site, then it can be said to contain all the materials to captivate a user who is coming through a nice flow of traffic. And then only the best digital marketing campaigns can get successful with the help of such a responsive website that entertains users the proper way.


Digital marketing is the best way to get people to know about your presence on the web. But this never guarantees that the people who know about the presence will appreciate it too. To ensure that your presence online is appreciated, which comes from not just the appreciation of your activities and posts on social media, but mostly by the website you have, your website’s design and presentation must be the best grade and captivating. That’s the best way to ensure that your site will retain a good amount of traffic it gets, and also gets returning visitors and customers.

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