Role of Cloud in marketing

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The once widely known methods of marketing like leaflets, pamphlets, etc. have become obsolete and are being done with. Clouds are the new go-to for marketers. Take a pamphlet for example. You decide to venture a business of your own and now demand attention from buyers. Because of your orthodox marketing instincts, you chose to promote your brand by doling out pamphlets. Needless to mention, you hired someone to write, and someone else to design, somebody to print, and just too many people to distribute pamphlets. On your way back home from office, you found one of those pamphlets lying in trash outside your house, probably trashed out from your own house.

Role of Cloud in marketing

This much effort and to what outcome?

The reason why pioneers of business bifurcated marketing as a separate vertical was to end, or at least reduce, the problems of other business pillars. Not to give birth to a new problem itself. Cloud service is a platform that terminates problems for marketers, giving them a carpet-rolled stage to impress their audience.

Here, in this blog, we will discover why Clouds play an important role in marketing but in an interesting way. You will also browse the catalog of difference a cheap cloud server is capable of bringing to your business. We do not intend to scare you off, but to let you welcome Cloud servers as happily as your competitors have.

Bullet-like implementation

Marketers count on a factor called TTM (Time to Market). Gone are the times when companies used to spend years marketing with the same strategy and would continue to reap benefits for decades out of it. The world has changed, marketing now demands agility. Demands change more often than thoughts. Companies that have aced the market are the ones who were able to get their plans off the board in no time.

You may have to bring down a campaign and start a new one within only minutes of its launch. There’s no use relying on old marketing techniques in a setting where certainty turns out as the least expected.

With its ready-to-shoot trigger as mouse clicks in your hand, a Cloud is what you want, and need.

Need to set a new mobile server for tomorrow’s trade fair?

And it is done. As easily as you read the above lines.

Scalability and flexibility

Marketing projections have proven to be big burdens for organizations that incorporated these projections in other business-verticals to draft their future policies. Prediction and marketing are the two ends of a see-saw, never on the same page. How a campaign might turn out and with what outcome is far beyond prediction.

Clouds eliminate the need to predict whether the server will be able to cater to the increased traffic. Many campaigns in the past have been pulled out because of their inability to handle the enlarged traffic arising out of a hit campaign. With Clouds, scaling and shrinking server size to meet the demands can be done in a snap, abolishing the risk of bringing down your enhanced business- solutions due to server’s inability to handle the traffic.

Inviting more audience to the show

Until now, marketers reached only as far as pamphlets did. Businesses were only confined to cities and buyers to towns. The scope of engaging bigger audience in your product was too little. Servicing products outside home cities were a nightmare, and making business flourish was a whole new ball game.

Thanks to Cloud servers, businesses now can have a central node to run crusades in any corner of this world, expanding the horizon of customers. And more the customers, more is the business.

Freed infrastructure dependency

Current system lays too much dependence on infrastructure. In fact, we are so dependent that an infra breakdown grinds a complete halt to our campaign. According to a report, even a fraction-second of downtime on a website results in almost 7 % of users abandoning their visit. Infrastructure failure results in website outage, which is no less than cancer to enterprise-health. Besides, the number of customers you would lose would also be incalculable.

Work out the odds in favour of customers buying from a website that runs into frequent downtime, and regular outages. Poorly managed webpages are synonyms to incapable, untrustworthy business and nothing more.

Clouds expurgate dependency on infrastructure by installing servers at third-party’s premises instead of your own. All hardware errors, infra breakdowns, failures become your provider’s bother, allowing you to focus on business-enhancing activities in its place.

These reduced real-estate costs allow Marketing to now run as an independent column of business without incurring huge expenses.

Get started with it, anywhere

Your local servers tie you down to a particular spot for your work. While on a business trip you would need to rely on somebody who might not be competent enough to properly manage your server. But not with Clouds. Clouds servers are accessed through the internet. So whether on a business trip or a vacation, you get 24/7 access to your server anywhere, anytime.

Marketers now have the freedom to travel places seldom worrying about carrying data in bulky hard drives.

Vault security & pooch reliability

Data loss is not something very uncommon among individuals, but for companies, it is tantamount to financial loss, and thus not tolerable. Data loss is not always an outcome of a catastrophic event. Activities as minor as a badly hard drive connection can result in failure. In not more than a few seconds, important data that your business relies upon can become a history- not the one that is written on pages.

Data security are what Cloud servers brag of. With the same data stored in multiple locations, Clouds are as safe as servers can get. Moreover, if a terminal storing data undergoes a crash, the data can still be retrieved from one of the remaining servers.

So, no matter where you market and what you market, expect reliable and ready-to-deliver data for your campaign.

More to spend with lesser costs

This is only a continuation of argument stated under “freed infrastructure dependency”. Extricating businesses from the need to set up their own hardware and real estate translates to a better cost-saving, which, in turn, allows the saved capital to be utilized in running several other marketing programs.

The reduced IT costs allow CMOs (chief marketing officers) to utilize the saved funds elsewhere, or in implementing numerous other promotion programs.

Cloud server has given small businesses the power that only industry-giants had once.

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How Cloud computing helped you spring your business into action? Mention in the comment box below to share your business experience or to ask for solutions from our community.


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