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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Reasons to Get It

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Reasons to Get It

Although the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is an enticing phone, you may want to hold off on purchasing until after the holidays. Samsung expects the Galaxy S21 FE to replicate the excitement surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE introduction in 2020. That phone featured many of the same features as Samsung’s flagship phone, but at a far lower price. So it’s no surprise that the phone became so popular — Samsung claims to have sold 10 million Galaxy S20 FE versions in a little more than a year after the device’s introduction, making it one of the best-selling Galaxy phones of all time.

The Galaxy S21 FE attempts to replicate that success using the same approach. This model has many features featured in the ordinary Galaxy S21 but is cheaper. The pricing is also lower. Because of the current Galaxy S21 FE offers available, it would be quite tempting to get the phone right now. But take a deep breath before you click on the purchase button. There are also compelling reasons to put off making the Galaxy S21 FE purchase — at the very least for the time being, if not totally — until later.

When deciding whether to purchase or pass on Samsung’s new smartphone, consider the following reasons in favor of and against purchasing the Galaxy S21 FE: Also, make sure to read our Samsung Galaxy S21 FE versus Galaxy S20 FE comparison to learn more about the differences between the two devices.

Reasons to Purchase the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

  1. You Don’t Have to Make Many Sacrifices to Save Money

We only have two prior FE models to go on, but it’s evident that Samsung is attempting to keep these phones as similar to their flagship counterparts as possible in terms of specifications. Therefore, it is possible to list the significant differences between the Galaxy S21 FE and the rest of the Galaxy S21 series on the one hand in the case of the Galaxy S21 FE. Indeed, the Galaxy S21 FE doesn’t have as much RAM as the other phones in the S21 family, and although this will have some ramifications for performance, it won’t be enough to make a noticeable difference in real-world situations. But then again, there are several phones in the same price category as the Galaxy S21 FE that don’t have any telephoto lens at all. The telephoto lens on this phone is just 8MP compared to the 64MP telephoto camera on the Galaxy S21, but it is still a good camera. The iPhone 13 (and the iPhone 13 Plus) are the focus of this article.

The absence of an adjustable refresh rate is most likely the most significant feature you will miss out on if you choose the Galaxy S21 FE over one of Samsung’s more expensive flagships. However, although the S21 FE’s screen can support a 120Hz refresh rate, it is a function that must be toggled on and off rather than one that adapts dynamically. We’ll show you how these differences work to the advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in our Galaxy S21 vs. Galaxy S21 comparison. When comparing the Galaxy S21 FE to the normal S21, you’ll notice that the screen is larger and the battery is larger.

  1. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 System-On-Chip in the Galaxy S21 FE

Even with just 6GB of RAM on this new phone, you won’t notice much of a difference in performance between it and Samsung’s flagships from last year, according to the manufacturer. This is since the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip powers the S21 FE as Samsung’s top-of-the-line 2021 devices. The Galaxy S21 FE achieved single-core and multi-core scores of 1,101 and 3,199, respectively, in the Geekbench 5 general performance test. This is consistent with the findings obtained using the ordinary Galaxy S21, which were 1,048 and 3,302 points, respectively. Both phones also generated around 34 frames per second in the 3DMark Wild Life Unlimited test for graphics, performed on both devices. In reality, any Snapdragon 888-powered with phone data share (except the finest gaming phones that come with plenty of RAM) will provide performance results comparable to the Galaxy S21 FE. Overall, if you get a Galaxy S21 FE, you will have flagship-level performance in a smartphone priced in the mid range.

  1. The Galaxy S21 FE is Equipped with Excellent Cameras

Except for the sensor on the telephoto lens of the S21 FE, the camera system is identical to that of the ordinary Galaxy S21. And, given that Samsung’s flagships from the previous year were among the finest camera phones we tested, it’s reasonable to expect the Galaxy S21 FE to provide similarly impressive results. During our Galaxy S21 FE review, we conducted picture comparisons between the Galaxy S21 FE and two other top camera phones that cost around the same as the Galaxy S21 FE: the iPhone 13 and the Pixel 6. The S21 FE more than held its own against those two devices, and in certain instances, even outperformed them. For example, the Galaxy S21 FE takes better low-light photos than the iPhone and Pixel, and as you would anticipate, the telephoto lens creates zoom photographs that the iPhone and Pixel cannot match.

Samsung has included the same photography capabilities as those found on the ordinary Galaxy S21 in the FE model to make things easier. This includes useful features such as Zoom lock, which allows you to keep your camera still while zooming in on a subject, Single Take, which allows you to capture shots from all of the S21 FE’s cameras at the same time, and dual recording, which allows you to capture video from both the front and rear cameras.

  1. You’ll Receive Android 12 As A Result

According to reports, the Galaxy S21 FE was meant to debut last year, but the launch was postponed due to supply chain concerns similar to those plaguing other technology businesses. But there is a silver lining to the Galaxy S21 FE’s delayed launch: it provided Samsung ample time to release the device with Android 12 preloaded. That means you won’t have to wait for the newest version of Android or for Samsung’s new One UI 4 interface to be released. As a result, Samsung offers three years of Android software upgrades for Galaxy S smartphones, which means the Galaxy S21 FE will have a longer lifespan. So if you purchase this phone, you will take advantage of Android upgrades until 2025.

Reasons to Avoid Purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

  1. The Galaxy S21 FE does not have a Premium Design

If you pick up the Galaxy S21 FE, you will not be under the impression that you are holding a high-end flagship device. On the contrary, the S21 FE’s plastic back does nothing to conceal a lower-cost gadget with a long history. To be sure, it won’t matter to bargain hunters who are more concerned with value than with appearances. Although the Galaxy S21 FE materials and design are pleasing to the eye, there is one practical concern: the phone is a touch slippery and difficult to grasp onto. If you want to boost the grippiness of the Galaxy S1 FE, you should consider purchasing a case.

  1. The Price Difference between the Galaxy S21 & Galaxy S21 FE Isn’t Huge

After all, the difference in pricing between the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 FE is just $100, and that’s nothing to scoff at. Some folks find that having an additional $100 in their wallet makes all the difference in the world. However, one of the things that made the Galaxy S20 FE so tempting was that it was $300 less expensive than the ordinary S20, and there’s no disputing that the price difference has narrowed. Because Samsung reacted to consumer complaints about the Galaxy S20 pricing by lowering the cost of its Galaxy S21 models by $200, the price gap between the two models is far less this time around than it was in the previous cycle. Samsung deserves credit for taking this step, but it does make a case for the Galaxy S21 FE’s value proposition more difficult to make than it was before.

  1. The Galaxy S22 will be Released Shortly

There’s always a new phone hiding around the corner, but in the case of the Galaxy S21 FE, that new phone is just a few steps away from being unveiled. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 smartphone is expected to come in February, at least according to rumor sites, making it difficult to purchase any Samsung device at this time. So if you don’t need a phone right now, it’s a good idea to wait and see what Samsung has in store for this year’s flagship models.

Concerning the Galaxy S22, we anticipate a more powerful CPU, such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, camera enhancements, and other things that may make it worthwhile to spend the extra money on the flagship rather than a handset with last year’s top features. Of course, a lot will rely on the Galaxy S22’s pricing and whether or not it will maintain the $799 starting point of the S21. If the new phone is priced the same as the old one but has greater features, the $100 savings on the Galaxy S21 FE will seem to be pennies on the dollar.

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