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Simple Tips and Tricks to Improve Smartphones Photography

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In the past decade, the camera phones have seen a drastic improvement. These so-called smartphones have completely changed the concept of photography. There is no need to carry those bulkier cameras when the same quality of images can be clicked through a sleek smartphone. Along with the production of high-quality images, the ability to share these images on numerous social media platforms is another reason for their popularity.

There is a common notion that the higher the megapixels the better will be the image quality. However, this is not completely true as there is more than just megapixels that have an impact on the quality of an image. There are many ways in which you can improve the photography done by a smartphone. Below I am going to showcase a few simple tips and tricks that will enable you to take the smartphone photography to the next level.

  1. Go Deep Into The Camera Settings

 Go Deep Into The Camera Settings

Most of the people just click pictures through the default auto mode of their smartphone. However, there is a lot more that you can do which will improve the overall quality of an image. Depending on the smartphone you use there are different settings that can be utilized for tweaking a particular image. A few of the common camera settings include focus, white balance, exposure and ISO. The White balance has further settings that can be chosen on the basis of the environment where the pictures are to be clicked.

  1. Keep the Smartphone Still

 Improve Smartphones Photography

This is a basic tip that will make your images appear sharper and much more clearer. It is important that the smartphone is steady before you click on the capture button. This becomes even more important when the lighting conditions are low. The camera will take a longer time to capture the image due to the lack of light. A few of the camera phones also face ‘shutter lag’ which is the time between when the shutter is pressed and the camera takes the picture. In such a case you will have to hold the smartphone still for a longer duration and the allow the photo to be captured.

  1. Go Close to the Subject

 Go Close to the Subject

It is always better to go close to the subject rather than zooming in the camera. Also, set the resolution of the photo to the highest as it will result in better quality images. Most of the people commit a common mistake of zooming in the camera rather than moving closer to the subject. This degrades the quality of the captured image. You can always crop the clicked images as it will have no impact on their resolution. In the same way, if you get too close to a subject then it may lead to focusing issues and lead to distortion.

  1. Always Edit the Images Later

 Always Edit the Images Later

Everyone loves to use the in-built features of the camera for making the images appear better in real-time. However, it is always better to click the picture in their original form and then edit them later on. By doing so you are giving yourself enough options to edit the images and enhance their quality.

  1. Take Care of The Camera Lens

 take care of your camera lens

Often is the case that the camera lens of our smartphone might get smudges or dust on it. Indulge in a habit of keeping the camera lens clean as it is very important for capturing clearer photos. If you want to increase the scope of your phone camera then you can even make use of the attachable lens. You will be able to get special effects like fish eye or macro shots. These lenses are compatible with different types of smartphones.

  1. Try Third Party Apps

 Try Third Party Apps

Not all the smartphones come with the advanced features for capturing photos. However, there are a number of third-party camera apps that will give you ample features for enhancing the quality of an image. These apps can be used along with the default settings of your phone. You will be able to find quite a few unique features that will make the photo capturing experience an enjoyable one. In order to bring in more features like modes, filters etc. these apps are updated at a regular interval.

  1. The Lifting Should be Sufficient

The Lifting Should be Sufficient

One of the major reason for the low quality of the images is due to the lack of sufficient lighting. So, before you begin to click pictures adjust your smartphone at such an angle so that maximum light goes into the lens. It is always better to take pictures outside or in a well-lit area. Make use of the built-in flash especially when the available lighting is very low. It will enhance the clarity of an image and add some life to it.

In The End 

All the tips that are mentioned in the above post will make you click better pictures from your smartphone. It is not always necessary to invest in a costly DSLR if you want to click some amazing pictures. A good smartphone camera is also capable of producing some high-quality pictures if used to its complete potential.


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