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Smurfing on League Of Legends Account Marketplaces

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Smurfing on League Of Legends Account Marketplaces

We all know that smurf accounts have a bad rap in the gaming community, but like all other things in life, it’s about the user. The important thing is finding a reputable source, like unranked smurfs, to help provide the right account while avoiding getting banned. There are plenty of great reasons to create and have multiple League of Legends accounts.

While buying smurf accounts is frowned upon by League of Legends developer, Riot Games, the benefits outweigh the costs, especially if done properly. Below I outline some positive reasons to have multiple accounts on League of Legends, and how to avoid being banned.

Play with Friends

If your friends are just getting into League of Legends, it can be a nice change to have an account that is dedicated to playing with them. It is nice to take a break from the ranked world and just enjoy the game. Especially for highly-ranked players, the thrill of the game can be lost with the pressures to perform at a high level. Moving down to an unranked account can help bring the joy back, without fear of losing your original ranking. It will also be separate from your original account, which means you can play more anonymously. Anonymous play can help alleviate some of the expectations of performance.

Gaming is more fun with friends, there is no reason to leave your friends behind just because they are starting out. While the unranked play might get tiresome after a while, it will be fun to enjoy some easy campaigns if you can share it with the people that matter most.

Multiple Roles

If you get bored of playing the same role, but don’t want to lose your rank by trying new ones, buying another account is the best way to get more out of League of Legends. Without the risk, you can run the same campaigns with a new role under your belt. This will provide a more in-depth understanding of the game, and campaigns. You will have a new outlook on what is needed to accomplish it from different positions.

If you are looking to level-up your skills with new roles, check out this article This can help you change your predetermined expectations of what characters are the best, and how to use them to their fullest extent.

More Accomplished Gamer

More Accomplished Gamer

The opportunity to play with different roles, new people, and new regions will make you a better gamer. It is important to learn tactics from other regions to help maneuver any situation you come in. Having multiple accounts can help you get a variety of expertise that is limited with one account. You won’t be pigeon-holed into playing the way you were before; you can expand into a more well-rounded player.

If you are serious about ranking, getting a wider scope of what the game holds, and what tactics can be used will up your skills in League of Legends. There is no reason to be limited to one tactic, one region, and one role as you move up the ranks. As you get to play in new roles and regions, you will learn new tactics and be more immersed in the game as a whole.

Avoid Being Banned

When you get your new account, it is important to change the in-game name and Riot account. This will help keep the new account from being flagged by the bots. Riot AI will flag any RP purchases, so avoid that while smurfing. It is also helpful to play some normal to hide the account match history.

Most importantly, stay invisible. The main reason people get banned is for abusive or aggressive behavior in chats. Keep your nose clean while playing, and Riot should have no reason to suspect anything. Make sure you aren’t using banned language, or clearly spamming. These are the most common reasons to get banned.

If your account does get banned, here is a great help to get your account up and running, and some common causes for it. Riot will ban an account for a variety of these behaviors, so avoid being obvious with your account, and you should be fine.

There is nothing to be ashamed of while smurfing. Adding multiple accounts can simply be the best way to up your skills and increase overall enjoyment in League of Legends.

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