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Stephen Hawking: Triumph of the Dreams

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Stephen Hawking was a notable towering figure in the field of science. However he was also a great visionary that did not let his physical debility ever weaken his dreams. He was not just a genius or a celebrated scientist but he was an influence that will keep on guiding the mankind in varied ways. Stephen’s life has become a beacon for many people- right from science enthusiasts to people with physical barriers, Let us know about some of the impressive aspects of his exemplary life:

Disease VS. Dreams

After earning a degree in Natural Science from Oxford, Stephen wanted to go for a PhD. from Cambridge University. However, at that time his body started experiencing occasional clumsiness. Upon being insisted by the family Stephen went to see a doctor and it was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig Disease- a neurological disorder. Doctors gave him only 2 more years to live. However, it did not stop Stephen from pursuing his PhD pursuit.  The PhD pursuit was successfully accomplished when hawking got his PhD at a young age of 23. He soon started his career at Cambridge in the field of research and teaching.

Zigzag course of life

While Stephen was adamant to follow his dreams the life was also adamant to present more challenges. The physical condition of Stephen started deteriorating and he was confined to a wheelchair even though he protested at his best. In the same decade, Hawking became a father. He was blessed with 2 children.

Rare Discovery

Amidst the zigzag of life, Stephen never forgot about his dedication to his science. Even during the deteriorating condition, Stephen kept on intensifying his research. The efforts bore the fruits and he surprised the world at large and science fraternity in particular by discovering that black hols emitted radiation. It was a jolt to the earlier belief that Black holes were empty, vacuum. Respecting his discovery the radiation was named as Hawking radiation. It was the starting of a genius. That decade he got many awards and went on to present a number of works on science.

Lost speech but retained ambitions

In 1985 Stephen lost the ability to speak. However, it did not stop him from expressing his thoughts and he decided to go for a machine that would speak for him. He first used one f his working fingers and later decided to operate it using muscles of his cheek.

The ambitions of this young scientist combined with his genius helped him to achieve many milestones.

Notable Discoveries

  • Origins of the Universe
  • Time Travel
  • Space-time Singularities
  • A Universe sans Space-time Boundaries
  • Black Hole Radiation
  • Gravitation
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The existence of Extraterrestrial Life

A Tribute to the Genius by  Everdata and Techcolite Team.

Stephen Hawking

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