Technology trends and their effects on businesses in 2019

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Technology trends and their effects on businesses in 2019

The evolution of technology is rapidly changing the ways of the world—be it our daily lives or businesses. The innovative technology had helped businesses in many ways, and the tech-savvy professionals are continuously recognizing trends and adapting the trends out of necessity to succeed.

However, what does that mean for you? Well, it means keeping your eyes on the future. It is important for a businessperson to anticipate the new trends to make the most out of your budget and plans for your company.

Here are some technological trends you should be knowledgeable about in 2019.

Artificial intelligence

Automation and artificial intelligence are not new concepts. Being in the technological industry for years, AI is expected to supersede human intelligence, productivity, and efficiency in almost every industry.

Artificial intelligence refers to innovative computing solutions invented to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks such as image, speech or pattern recognition and decision making. AI is able to carry out task faster and more accurate than humans.

Navigation apps, streaming services, personal assistant, ride-sharing apps, and others are all run by artificial intelligence. Businesses today are using innovative tools and apps powered by artificial intelligence. For example, when it comes to marketing, marketers prefer using AI-driven software like Canva or design iconic to design amazing whiteboard video animations and logos to promote their businesses.

Where AI is considered broadly as automation and has been feared for job loss, it is merely going to help the users to work with greater efficiency and productivity by eliminating the repetitive tasks.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a subdivision of artificial intelligence. It is something where computers are programmed to learn by discovering data and patterns. It is further divided into two types of learning namely supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

Where machine learning itself is a part of AI, it is further divided into neural networking, NLP or natural language processing, and deep learning. Each of these subparts of machine learning offers opportunities to businesses that will allow it to grow.

Today it is used by various industries creating a huge demand for skilled professionals. Its applications are largely used to analyze data and pattern of online traffic of a business. On the other hand, machine learning is able to power the search results on the web, real-time ads for the consumers and network intrusion detection, to name a few.

Robotic process automation

As depicted by the name, it is a technology that is automating jobs. This technology uses software to automate business processes such as interpreting applications, processing transactions, or replying to e-mails. With the help of RPA, businesses are eliminating the repetitive tasks that previously was done by humans.

Where these technologies are thought to threaten the livelihood of many—which is true to an extent— but it is also creating new job opportunities by altering the existing jobs. RPA offers many opportunities for developers, engineers, project managers, architects and more.


Blockchains is a technology that is associated with cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. In simplest terms, Blockchains can be described as the data that provides security that is useful in many ways. It is consensus-driven, and therefore it cannot be controlled by an individual.

Businesses and industries are efficiently using the Blockchains technology to secure the information such as the completion of the transaction required confirmation. With the introduction of Blockchains, other payment systems are likely to be disrupted and by the year of 2019, and businesses are likely to change their trade operations to Blockchains transactions.

Hybrid Cloud

More businesses are quickly recognizing that having their data in the public cloud, private cloud or data centers may not be the best option. Instead, they need a system that is a mixture of the above three.

Hybrid cloud combines the private cloud system with the public cloud services—often found on premises with organizations own data center. Amazon and Microsoft are the two largest cloud systems. Businesses who are recognizing this trend are likely to increase their efforts with the hybrid cloud system.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality takes the viewer to an entirely new world making a different environment than the reality, where augmented reality merely enhances the reality or environment. Although both the technologies have been used for gaming purposes this far, they have also been used in training, advertising, entertainment, education, and others.

One of the greatest examples of AR is the famous game of Pokémon goes. Other than that, this technology can be used to train doctors to perform a surgery or offer a better experience to visitors in a museum.

SaaS solution for businesses

The software as a service, infrastructure as a service and platform as a service is changing the ways of doing business. Before the integration of SaaS, entrepreneurs have struggled to find a specific sector to meet their needs. However, today businesses that previously provided CRM solutions are providing software solutions to companies for many applications including project management, web conferencing, collaboration software, e-mail marketing, survey tools, and help desk.

These solutions offer powerful marketing automation features enabling customer engagement and business. These solutions are continuously adopted by businesses as they reduce reliance on e-mails.


With the digitization of the world, consumers require relevant content and better shopping experience from businesses. This is possible with the proper marketing of the business following the latest marketing and technological trends to provide the potential audience with proper information. For example, you can use whiteboard video animation to explain the complex message of your business in a fun way.

Internet of things

IoT is the future of the world. Many devices, home appliances, cars and more are now built with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be connected to each other with the help if the internet. Consumers are already using and benefiting from the technology.

IoT is more beneficial for businesses in the near future as it can enable safety, efficiency and decision making abilities with the collected and analyzed data. Other than that, it can enable predictive maintenance, medical care, better customer service and other benefits that are not yet imaginable.


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