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The 5 Pitfalls of Playing Hardcore Games on PC

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Hardcore Games on PC

Playing computer games in several platforms like PC, Playstation 4, XBox One, Nintendo Wii and so are popular nowadays. Not only they bring supremacy to the world of technology, but also one of the fastest growing industries today. Each year, game developers are trying something new in order to take the gaming experience into the next level.

As of today, virtual reality games are already trending worldwide due to its state-of-the-art innovation. However, still the most popular gaming platform of all time is no other than a personal computer. Unlike any other platforms, PC allows you to multitask while playing games at the same time such as browsing the internet, listening to music, writing and saving documents and so on.

You can play as long as you want as long it is compatible and has lots of disk space to consume. However, not all games can be played due to various specific requirements. If you’re one of those gamers who are having experiences like lag screen spikes, slowing down PC’s performance, delay of opening other apps and so on, you’re not alone. Despite that you have the best chair for gaming, game headset, gaming mouse pad or so, you can’t enjoy playing your favorite games that you have ended up in one or more of its “pitfalls”.

Here are the pitfalls you should avoid in playing computer games on a desktop:

Pitfall #1: You never upgraded your motherboard

One of the reasons that you have problems with your overall gaming experience in desktop computer gaming is simply no other than the motherboard itself. This is the difference maker of all the gaming performance that you’ve experienced today. If you see that there’s something wrong about the performance of the entire gameplay, your motherboard is one of the causes.

If that’s the problem, never think twice about replacing your old one with the best gaming motherboard today. There are several brands you can find in local malls and computer shops, but be sure that they’re original and high quality. You have two choices. Stick to your lagging experience? Or improve your gaming experience? The choice is yours.

Pitfall #2: You never upgraded your random access memory (RAM)

Aside from never upgrading your motherboard for gaming purposes, your computer’s RAM is also kind of an issue. For playing hardcore games, you need to maximize it to at least 4 GB. There are some gamers out there who are sticking to 2 GB RAM, which might only work for games that has low specifications. If you want to play hardcore games such as Call of Duty, you need to upgrade your RAM once and for all.

If you need to upgrade your random access memory, make sure that your motherboard has enough PCI or PCI-E slots to insert your memory card there. 4 GB would be fine, but it’s way better to go for 8 GB. As a result, you will not experience app or screen lags for good.

Pitfall #3: You never upgraded your graphics or video card

Another pitfall that you should not end up by not upgrading your graphics or video card. This is another essential requirement that you need to have for your desktop computer in order for them to become compatible in gameplay. Just like the RAM, enough slots of PCI or PCI-E would allow you to insert a high quality graphics or video card.

Make sure that you only choose the best brand available in the market today. There are countless computer shops out there who are selling low quality video cards. They might look attractive on the package, but always make sure that the specs are true to its word.

Pitfall #4: You never regularly check your computer with antivirus

This is already common to all of the desktop users like you. You may seem to play all you want on your computer, but you forgot about the computer’s health. If you do not take care of your desktop’s health, it’ll end up getting worse in which you can’t use it anymore. This is another pitfall that you should be avoiding when playing computer games on the PC.

Always see to it that you have installed antivirus software, such as Advanced Systemcare, Avast, Norton and a lot more. Don’t just check it once a month, but rather do it on a weekly basis. Your goal is to remove unwanted files that could create a virus within your computer. Antivirus can remove a lot of virus, malware, adware and so on. However, it would really depend on the features you have in your installed antivirus. Never play a game without an installed antivirus.

Pitfall #5: You never regularly maintain your computer with disk defragmentation

If you think that antivirus is enough for you, think again. Maybe your computer was clean from viruses, malware or so, but your computer’s performance is slowing down during or after you play a game. In order for you to do that, disk defragmentation is necessary. If you ignore this one, sad to say that your computer’s overall performance will be affected and you can’t play your favorite game unlike before which was so fast and reliable.

If you are sick and tired of antivirus scanning or disk defragmentation, perhaps you should try to install Deep Freeze. Once you activate Deep Freeze, all of the PC settings will return to normal and incoming files that are downloaded and installed are going to be deleted. However, if you want to save them and not getting deleted, you can transfer it to D:// drive or deactivate Deep Freeze temporarily before switching it on again.


Now that you’ve finally learned about the pitfalls of desktop gaming, it’s completely up to you whether you accept this or not. With these pitfalls, you finally know how to avoid them by simply upgrading your gaming desktop once and for all. If you can’t afford to buy a gaming motherboard, video card or so, go get a job and save money for that. If not, you’ll end up playing in an internet and gaming cafe in which their desktop gaming computers have high end specs. Just remember, never end up in any of these pitfalls when you play hardcore games on your PC.

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