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The Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Phone in India

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When it comes to choosing the best smartphone, there are simply so many options! Apart from the pricing, are several features and functionalities that people look for when making this pocket-heavy decision. So, simplify your choice and save yourself the stress of going through endless reviews and ratings with this infographic that does a great job at comparing the best phones in India.

Check out this comprehensive comparison of the top-tier smartphones according to their processing power, screen size, camera performance, RAM, sound quality, battery capacity and the biggest factor – price range. Know the best performers in their respective segment and narrow down your options wisely.

Whether you are a music lover, a gadget geek, a gaming enthusiast, a globetrotter, a selfie queen, or a social butterfly, there is one best smartphone for everyone on this list! So quickly scan your top choices and know which one is the best buy at your budget.

best phone in India


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